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[Guide Event] Turtle Strategy

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Turtle Strategy
Tim   igg ID: 311601357
This is my experience in Lords Mobile that I hope will help you survive long enough to grow in this game.
Some details about me from which you can decide if they warrant being considered as advice.
I am 76 continuous days into this game. I am a Level 19 Castle with 4.6million Might & I have a Level 50 Hero.  I have an additional 12 other Level 49 Heroes as well.
I am a guild member of a branch of the 2[sup]nd[/sup] biggest Guild within Kingdom 1.
I am on-line virtually continuously.  This fact is important which will become evident later.
I believe that to survive, to advance in this game, you must set up how you intend to play right from the beginning.
            Are you someone who wants to war with other members/guilds all the time??
            Are you a player who wants to build a strong Castle/Kingdom and live in harmony       with others?
            Or are you a player who wants to mix it up?
Make these decisions and play the game accordingly.
I am trying to provide you with sufficient advice so that you can at least recovery from the vicissitudes of this game.
Lots of players will tell you this is a WAR GAME. 
I disagree!  This game is a game of cooperation
You will find lots of advice on the game mechanics of this game at the forum site of Lords Mobile.  (https://www.facebook.com/lordsmobile/)
If you look on Youtube there is also a wealth of info and advice.  (https://www.facebook.com/lordsmobile/)
My personal strategy is as follows.  I cannot say that you will advance at a furious rate but one thing I do promise!
If you follow my path you WILL survive anything other players throw at you… and they will!!
I have the following Resource buildings.  I have listed them in order of importance to the continuous growth of your Castle.  You will not be able to build these immediately but I advise aiming to have these resource buildings by the time you have reached level 10-12.
I believe these are an absolute minimum. 
Gold:  Build at least 6-8 Manors.  As the game proceeds, as more players move into your area, Gold deposits become sites that cause conflict as player vie for the resource.  The more resource buildings you have in your Castle, the less you will need to ‘farm’ outside the confines of your Castle.
Timber:  Build at least 6-8 Lumber buildings.  Again, as this game proceeds, you will need TREMENDOUS amounts of this resource.  You can ‘farm’ this resource but again this opens the way to conflict with other players who also want that particular resource.  Ultimately you will NEED to have a CONTINUOUS supply of this resource.
Infirmaries:  Build 2-3 of these building to match the size of your army. These building are CRITICAL to you surviving this game.  If you are attacked, (what am I saying….. WHEN you’re attacked.) If you have sufficient Infirmaries to match your army size
Barracks:  Having multiple Barracks does not allow you to train any more or faster training times for troops but they do add to your overall Might level
Stone, Ore:  My personal experience is you should have 3-4 each of these resource buildings.  Again having these buildings within your Castle will save you having to farm this resource out in the Kingdom.
Part 2 of this Strategy guide to follow.

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I'm sorry, is this a guide or promoting Lords Mobile and or YouTube? Would you mind editing some parts? I can't help but smirk while reading. Your so-called Turtle Strategy guide has been aired on YouTube by Vnncz3. Peace!

The Devil.


"I've sparred with demons, you won't even make me sweat."
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Good guide slight alteration needed
"Barracks:  Having multiple Barracks does not allow you to train any more"
The above statement is false more barracks does allow you to train more at once (increases max trainable at a time same effect as upgrading barracks)