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[Guide Event] Hero skills

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Posted on 2016-05-14 02:12:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

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Hi mates, today I will guild you how to choose heroes that suit you best in your journey of developing in Lords Mobile.
Firstly, I will talk about how battle skills works.
Which skill name Administration will apply passively when ever you have this skill on the heroes. Including Construction Speed, Research Speed, Training Speed, Max Energy Boost, Food Production, Stone Production, Ore Production, Wood Production And Gold Production
Which skill name Logistic will apply when your hero but in battle or wall defense :
Trap Def, Trap Attk, Trap HP and Wall Def will benefit only when you set your heroes to def to wall
Infantry HP, Infantry def, Infantry Atk, Cavalry HP, Cavalry Def and Cavalry Atk, Ranged HP, Ranged Def, Ranged Atk, Siege Engine HP, Siege Engine Def, Siege Engine Atk, Army HP, Army Def and Army Atk will apply only when you selected your heroes in wars and it will add in your selected troops. (So do not bring Cavalry heroes to the army that don't have Cavalry Ok lol)
The 1st attack skill of each heroes will do damage as percentage of the troops damage, So it is better to divide the heroes balance to the amount of each type of troops.
These skill will level up when you upgrade (color up) heroes.
Secondly is the Hero skill, It will apply when you are in hero dungeon or Colosseum. So you better select the skill that you need and to support each other in the battle. And remember to equip the main heroes to be stronger in the battles
And if you have money, I would recommenced to buy heroes packs. They have benefit and unique both heroes skill and battle skills.