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[Off-Topic] Crying when hit.

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Posted on 2017-04-06 22:04:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

What in the world is deal with so many people crying when hit lately?

"Why you hit me???"
"Why attack my guild???"
"Insert misc insults about you being bigger might than them and you picking on them"

I'm by no means a bully, but if you cry about being hit I will most certainly make an effort to visit you regularly. It's a war game any way you look at it. At least I'm nice enough to release heroes when they ask politely :D

Posted on 2017-04-07 02:36:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

I cry but mostly to my self balled up in a cornor.

Posted on 2017-04-11 09:27:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yes it's annoying. There are too many NAPs and Allies aswell :angel: