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[Off-Topic] Different Servers.

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Posted on 2016-09-01 13:41:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

I know that by now everyone has realized how much of an advantage our Asian counterparts have over most of the kingdoms. How they reach that advantage isn't important though. All I ask and I'm sure there are many others wishing the same, CAN WE PLEASE GET SEPARATE SERVERS? In my kingdom it is out of hand, we can't get anywhere because of it and many of my guild mates and fellow allies are walking away from the game because of it. Others have asked and the only answer we get is:
Thank you for your feedback and reaching out to us.
Any discounts available to users who bought Gems using Google Play or iTunes gift cards, MyCard, direct carrier billing, or any other forms of payment offered by 3rd-party merchants are perks offered directly by those merchants.
IGG recognizes the competitive environment of Lords Mobile and the importance of keeping the game fair and balanced for all. Under no circumstances does IGG offer discounted Gems or purchase bonuses for specific regions or people.
I don't care about 3rd party merchants, we simply want a server or a fix which will allow the rest of us to enjoy our game. I've spent alot of money, so have my guildmates, yet we can't get ahead. So please just give us a separate server or a fix so we wont have to walk away from the time we've put into this game.


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