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[Off-Topic] [Lords Mobile] Dragon Arena is coming soon!

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Posted on 2019-11-13 01:47:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

Dragon Arena is a new feature will be added to Lords Mobile in the upcoming update. Who's ready for this new challenge? Here are some key points that you care about most:

New Hero (Another F2P hero?)

⭐️You can use the points from Dragon Arena to redeem a new hero!!!⭐️


--- When the event starts, guild members from 2 guilds will be sent to the battle arena (K70) and occupy Strongholds to get points
--- 6 different types of Strongholds, 20 in total, each provides different useful utilities
--- No Infirmary limit. Battles in this event will only injure troops (including Familiar skills)
--- Healing troops does not require resources, only time
--- Troops will automatically be healed when players leave the battlefield, same for traps and wall

Some Sneak Peak from official posts:

Phase one: Preparation
Enter battle arena. Players will be sent to their team area. Players cannot attack or relocate during this phase.

Phase two: Outposts and Transporters can be occupied.
Outposts give a small amount of points and Transporters add to Relocation Limit, which will be shared among the guild. Those Transporters are going to be crucial, don't you think? 

Phase three: Fight for all Strongholds
Citadels give large amount of points; Hot Springs increase Healing Speed and Ancient Remains increase Army ATK.

Phase four: Caravan appears
When a Caravan reaches a Stronghold, the side that has occupied the Stronghold will earn points. 
If a Stronghold is currently being battled for, the Caravan will stop until a side emerges victorious.

How do you like these? Tell us below! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks about this upcoming event!
Credit to Lords Mobile Official Account
Wanna read more about it, please click here: https://www.wegamers.com/lm

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