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[Off-Topic] About Chineese

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Dear IGG Officials,
I am the guild leader of SIYAH SANCAK TURKEY in 24th Kingdom.In our server Chineese played are using hack tools or using 3rd party tools.We are clean players who pay for the game.If it is possible we want to pay from front and Have the maximum castle stage.I am 35 years old and i hate those cheaters as a clean player.Please Help clean players about that problem.I and My friends paid too much money for this game and all the time those cheaters does not let to play.If you dont solve this problem or Help us,we will start a big social media campaign (includes newspaper and tv news,cause some of our players are media workers) against your products and your game.I am waiting a quick reply from you.I hope you can Help.I can communicate any time With you by talking or writing.I am not a casual stupid money chaser,i am just a clean player like my clan members.

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Do you think Im funny like a clown!?!
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Hi Lord,
Thank you for your feedback and reaching out to us.
IGG recognizes the competitive environment of Lords Mobile and the importance of keeping the game fair and balanced for all. Under no circumstances does IGG offer discounted Gems or purchase bonuses for specific regions or people.

If you have any further questions, please contact Live Support,they'll follow up :)

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This thread has been banned.

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