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[Off-Topic] Account Help

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Posted on 2018-11-02 01:55:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

This account is linked to a device that is no longer in my possession. Like most people, I have no idea the exact date this account was created. I travel so much it's hard to even know the exact location. I don't think IGG will remove the link.

So... it's a Facebook account using an email that isn't the original one used to create it. I don't even remember the password to that one (I made the email when I was 10) and abandoned it. Which means I probably can't remove any devices from the Google end. I already deleted the Lord's Mobile data from Facebook and set up a 2-way confirmation with texting. That should mean that any devices that were logged in would have to re-enter the password I believe. Would this also apply to the linked device?

I want to make sure that only I can get on the account. What would happen if I deleted the Facebook associated with the account? Would that delete the account or revert ownership to the linked device? If I was still online while I deleted the account through a separate device would I be allowed to take ownership (set new Google or Facebook account?) or would it reset the link allowing me to link it to a new device? I'm not sure if it would since even if I deleted the Facebook account, it was associated with another email.

Are there any ways to help make my account more secure? I spend money on this game and don't feel safe knowing my investment could be potentially taken away at any time.

Posted on 2018-11-02 15:43:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

Do this link your account to one email (hopefully your primary one).

contact live support and ask them to logout you out on all devices they should be able to do that (they may not help but doesn't hurt to try)
[I don't think multiple login instances work so your worries might be for nothing]

after that login with your email on your primary device and magic you are safe unless someone steals your device and knows its access password/code

FYI in case you are worried about your account being stolen if you have proof that you are the owner and IGG (live support) believes you you are able to get your account back just fine

[Moderators are free to add/correct in anything I left out]

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