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[Chat(iOS)] How to know how much might a quest will give?

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Posted on 2018-01-03 04:46:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

There is a Guild Fest quest named "Increase Might (Quests)". It requires you to earn a certain points in might from Turf Quests.

But before I do a Turf Quest, how do I know how much might it will give me?

Posted on 2018-01-03 05:09:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

i usually save up on finished quests. There is a fist icon and after that a number. That number is the might = quest points you will get from turning in the quest. It's one of the easiest ways to earn guild fest points. I pick the 144 point guild fest quest, turn in a few 15k-100k point quests and done in a few seconds.

Posted on 2018-01-03 05:46:41 | Show thread starter's posts only


Thanks. I, too, thought the number after the fist icon is the might of the Turf Quest I would get, but it doesn't seem to work like that.

For example, I remember the number after the fist icon of Lv 9 Ranged Defense is about 5xx,xxx. But after I completed that research, the number shown in the Quest Rewards (in Turf Quests tab) is only 77,101.