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[Chat(iOS)] Shelter

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Posted on 2016-04-29 23:32:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

Is the a capacity limit for shelter ? How can we increase it ?

Posted on 2016-04-29 23:51:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Shelter capacity is based on your Castle Level and your deployed Hero's Command.

Posted on 2017-02-17 03:09:21 | Show thread starter's posts only

Seems like there is a little more to it than that, because I've seen people who are able to put 260k troops in the shelter. With a gold leader, I'm only able to put 206k in the shelter. I've been wondering the answer to this question for awhile myself.

Posted on 2017-02-17 05:32:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

You can use a army size increase boost which also allows you to put more troops in the shelter. However this isn't advised if you're solely using it for sheltering troops. It is more of a little bonus to using it for war.

Posted on 2017-03-25 07:09:20 | Show thread starter's posts only

Shelter only ur hero and few troops. Garrison the rest of ur troops, most of it.

Posted on 2017-03-28 00:13:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

Like all the others said, you are able to shelter troops based on castle level and hero rank. Other than the whole army size increase you can't increase the amount of troops your shelter holds. If you're not satisfied with the amount of troops you can shelter and still feel unsafe there are many ways to keep your troops safe especially if you're in a guild. Here are some:

- Reinforce someone with a shield
- send your troops to gather really far from your castle when sleeping
- Fake rally.

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Posted on 2017-03-30 05:46:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

Upgrade ur castle it might increase shelter capacity.

Posted on 2018-05-02 12:16:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

why my leader and troop auto came out from shelter when enemy make many attack at my castle?