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[News] Lords Mobile Update on Apr 30 (iOS)[Version 1.15.7]

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Posted on 2016-04-30 04:09:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

The new iOS Version 1.15 is now available in iTunes. 

New Content!
- The Goblin Attack event. Watch for our in-game announcements!
- Added Monster Hunts to Solo and Hell events!
- Extra Supplies: A chance to get free resources after being attacked!
- VIP Quests

- VIP benefits: You can now open all Guild Gifts at once!
- Text in the Diplomacy Board, chat, and mail can now be translated to your language by tapping the translate icon beside the text.
- Kingdom Map Overview function.
- Toggle options for Instant Reports and Treasure Trove push notifications. 
- If player is not in the same Kingdom as the one their guild was created in, the Kingdom Number will appear in the guild menu
- Seven new language options: Indonesian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Thai, Italian, Portuguese, and Korean.

- Increased the rewards and loot for Lv2 - 5 Monster Hunts.

- Repaired glitch causing occasional black screens after Hero Stages.
- Optimized various UI options.

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