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[News] How To Connect Your WeGamers Account To LordsMobile

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If you want to cam Jon my game cam on we can be friends

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i am shanawar haider
this is was a nice

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Thanks that was helpful for me

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wonderful game i love it
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What‘s Lords Mobile? Lords Mobile is one of the most popular Android games online today. If you havean Rewd phone you can try this game is guaranteed fun. Well here I will discuss how to How to get free Gems Lords Mobile without cheat.

Here I use a whaff to get free Gems on Lords Mobile. not only for the Lords Mobile course, this reward could be used for all applications in google Playstore.

Tutorial Get Free Gems Lords Mobile And free google balance

Install Applications WHAFF Rewards through PlayStore or Search directly in playstore with keywords WHAFF Rewards After installed open the WHAFF Rewards of his application. Once open, please login first with your Facebook.

Once you Login facebook will ask Invite Code. Please enter the following code ( JR40691 ) to receive a bonus of $0.300 .Note: If you do not use the code ( JR40691 ) above then you will not get Initial Bonus.then your balance will start from 0

After installation is complete you will be Get some Missions, to download the application given by the whaff. Please complete all missions given by whaff until your balance reaches 11$ after that you can trade with Google Play Gift

Once this is done we get into Phase Setting Google Wallet

First Login Google Wallet with your google accountAfter that, to the Settings menu, select the part of the Home Address, and then equate the address becomes as shown below.

Note: All of the risk borne by each, the State that has been changed can notbe changed again in quick time. If you do not want to take the risk pleaseusing the address above.

After That Save => Accept & Continue

When finished setting the Google Wallet, Now how withdrawal Balanceof whaff to yourGoogle Wallet.

First open your whaff application Slide to the left side on the BROWSE select the menu EXCHANGE.

Then Choose Google Play Gift Cards

Then select the number of withdrawals you Minimum Balance $11 for google play gift cards. then click Payout

After waiting Approximately 1-3 days so you get Reedem Code Of whiff …You can see the you Reedem code In EARNINGS  => HISTORY PAYOUT

How to enter Your code to Playstore

Open your Playstore Appication Choose Menu , Then Redeem

Then enter the Reedem Code have you get From Whaff

Purchasing Gems on Lords Mobile

Open your Lords Mobile Application or download Here Then go to the Shop, Select Gems or in accordance with your Google Wallet Balance and click BUY

Success … That’s how to get gems Lords Mobile In Free and Legal

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There s a problem. help me.         Iwas previously logged in by my account and was at level 18 but now after half an year i am logging in then it is starting all over.  it is very frustratung Help

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Mine created an account then just crashes when i try to login for the first time

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How to connect to wegamers

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