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[News] How To Connect Your WeGamers Account To LordsMobile

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Sir i think this game is made for china tell me any kingdom i m going to there . they also speek in chinnes what he sy i dont know so pls

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Hi lords mobile ihave a question on how to make account or to connect we gamers? Thank you!

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Hi there all

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wegamers is a terrbile app, everyone just use discord.

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All set connected

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Lord's Mobile in game group connection to WeGamers app allows daily check-in​ within the app that gives you random points. Open the WeGamers app and click on the icon that represents your guilds chat group. You may only have one in game guild connection for the security of private guild chat, but the WeGamers app allows you to connect to a total of three groups daily for points. However WeGamers doesn't limit you to only join three groups;  you will only receive points for three daily check-in​'s.
IGG will honor the connection package that is advertised. Go to the Settings, click Help and click Live Support. IGG has 24 hour live support that will honor the advertisement and they are always pleasant while taking care of your concerns.
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JimmyWally IGG ID 378436960
Posted on 2017-05-12 08:07:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello, I recently had to get a new phone because my last one died. When trying to log back into wegamers with my same account info it will not let me connect to my lords mobile account saying that that account is already linked. How can I unlink my old phone so I can log back in with my new one?

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