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[News] Peer into the Shadows! Update Sneak Peek!

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Posted on 2016-09-30 04:59:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Lords and Ladies, we have some important news!

Rumors stir that Nox, Goddess of Darkness will descend upon our world this October, bringing along some new changes.

1. [Battle Fury] buff will be added!

When players with Lv 9+ Castles initiate military combat, they’ll trigger the [Battle Fury] buff, granting a +5% bonus to their [Army ATK]! Be careful! You can't migrate or use Shields or War Transportation while this status is active.

2. [Army Lineup] feature will be added!

The new [Army Lineup] feature grants the ability to rearrange Troop positions. It's time to get those gears turning! Strategy is the key to victory!

You can now change how your troops line up in battle and control how they line up on the battlefield. Shift your troops around to maximize their strengths and cover their weaknesses!

3. [Guild Fest] will be added!

Are you ready for a guild showdown? Work together with your guild to complete a variety of Guild Quests and earn points. Do your part in the [Guild Fest] and help clinch victory for your guild!

There are many different types of Guild Quests, from simple gather and research quests to more challenging ones like destroying enemy traps and troops. Based on how many quests your Guild completes, you’ll be able to claim the corresponding rewards after the event ends.

More may be revealed as Nox draws closer! Take note, you must download the Lords Mobile update once it’s released or you won't be able to enter the game!

Thank you for playing!

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Posted on 2016-09-30 11:04:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Awesome update! Can't wait :)

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Posted on 2016-09-30 18:34:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Sounds awesome ....!
Cant wait .....☺

Posted on 2016-10-01 01:04:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

So for the battle fury, is it that you can't shield at all while the boost is active, or you can shield, but you'll lose the boost?

Because if you can't shield at all, then that means doing anything, like raiding inactives or defending a guildmate, you couldn't even shield when you get attacked by someone else.

Posted on 2016-10-03 16:56:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Anyone know how often or when the next $99.99 gift pack with guild gift key will be up for sale ?

Posted on 2016-10-05 04:21:31 | Show thread starter's posts only

The guild quest part about destroying troops and traps will probably make farming even worse, I feel sorry for all the little guilds out there now ha ha, can't wait to get into it :D

Posted on 2016-10-05 04:23:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

Also will the battle fury status stack up? Like 10% for Attacking a certain amount of castles etc?

Posted on 2016-10-08 22:30:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thanks Raven for posting that instead;)

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Posted on 2016-10-10 07:27:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

I just contacted IGG and they say the update is coming in 4days??? but in-game its 1day?

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Posted on 2016-10-10 11:44:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

im game sistem is lagg help gays