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[News] Auto Use & Sanctuary FAQs

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Posted on 2020-06-04 00:11:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Q: What does the [Auto Use] feature do?
A: You can automatically calculate and use multiple Speed Up items or resource items to complete your projects. The system will automatically use items of higher denominations. If the total time deducted by Auto Use exceeds the required time by more than 5 minutes, a popup window will ask you for confirmation if you want to proceed.

Q: Is Free Speed Up still available after Auto Use?
A: Yes. This is indicated in the UI and Auto Use will take Free Speed Up into consideration.

Q: Can I use Auto Use even when I don't have enough Speed Up items or resource items for that particular project?
A: Yes. The system will notify you if that instance of Auto Use cannot finish the project.

Q: What does the Sanctuary offer?
A: The Sanctuary takes in wounded troops that cannot enter a full Infirmary. Here you can use Devotion to resurrect your Troops. Upgrade your Castle to increase Sanctuary capacity and Devotion produced per hour. Devotion can also be obtained from Divine Tasks. Please note that troops killed in Wonder battles will not be able to enter the Sanctuary, e.g. Royal Wonder, Feudal Wonders, Royal Chalices, Bases, Forts, etc.

Q: How do my troops enter the Sanctuary?
A: Some of your wounded troops will be redirected to the Sanctuary when the Infirmary is full.

Q: What is the max Sanctuary capacity?
A: This is determined by your Castle level. Upgrade your Castle to increase Sanctuary capacity.

Q: What is the difference between Divine Resurrection and Divine Providence?
A: Divine Providence does not require any Devotion. Troops in Divine Providence will heal over time, and can be claimed once the countdown ends. Divine Resurrection requires Devotion to resurrect your troops, which can be obtained from completing Divine Tasks.

Q: What kind of Divine Tasks are there?
A: Divine Tasks types include: completing Hero Stages, hunting Monsters, sending Guild Help, gathering resources, obtaining Dark Essences from Darknests, completing Admin/Guild Quests, and opening Mystery Boxes. Divine Tasks you have completed will reset daily, and can be completed again. If you do not have troops in the Sanctuary, completing Divine Tasks will not grant you Devotion.

Q: What changes were made to captured Leaders?
A: When your Leader is captured, your Leader boosts (not including deployed boosts) will remain active. This includes Talents, Equipment, and Hero's Battle Skills.

Q1: I can't see the Sanctuary!
Q2: Why can't I see the changes to captured Leaders?
A: Please update your game to the latest version.