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[News] New Hero - Songstress of the Sea

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Greetings, Lords and Ladies!

We'd like to introduce our newest Hero: Coral, Songstress of the Sea

'Home feels so far away...'' - Coral

Hoping Coral could join him on his adventures, Icarus offered her a potion that would turn her human. But she was hesitant to abandon her people and her home. One day, pirates captured and brought her to land. To stay alive, she drank Icarus' potion and thus lost her ability to live underwater. Since then, she dreams of the day when she can return home again.

These are some of the Songstress of the Sea's skills.

Battle Skills  (Enhanced to Legendary Grade)

Army Max HP +25%
Army DEF +25%
Army ATK +20%

Ultimate Skill        Grand Waves
        Summons powerful waves from long range, dealing damage up to 4 times each.
Skill 2        Deafen
        Emits a long range deafening cry, dealing damage to all enemies in a line and reducing Reflex for 5s.
        Deals %x Magic DMG. Also reduces enemy Reflex by %y.
Skill 3        Moonbath
        Bathes in the soft moonlight, restoring HP and increasing MATK for 8s.
        Restores %x HP. Also increases MATK by %y.
Skill 4        Ultrasound
        Emits hypersonic notes to pinpoint enemy positions, boosting Accuracy.
        Increases Accuracy by %y.

We hope you're excited to see this new Hero in action! Thanks for playing!

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Do you know when she will be available in the mall again?

Posted on 2017-03-17 05:01:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

nobody really knows. packs are kinda random so keep an eye out

P.S. get Lore Weaver, she is awesome

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This thread has been banned.

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Suscipit quae volupt
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