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[News] Dragon Arena Tips From Players

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Posted on 2020-01-09 03:23:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

  1. Communicate with your guild! 
  2. Numbers are important, so make sure enough guild members can participate. T4 troops are highly recommended. 
  3. A guild should make multiple groups. This will make commanding easier.
  4. Assign each group to a fixed location on the map. Each group will focus on a single Stronghold. This will save Relocators as there is a usage limit.
  5. Full preparation is needed.
  6. Have enough Relocators and Winged Boots.
  7. Have enough Speed Ups.
  8. Prepare Army Size Boosts and Army ATK Boosts.
  9. Set talents to army type. Use Anti-Scout at all times if you want to avoid solo attacks
  10. Use war equipment!
  11. Be the first to claim the Outpost as you will earn more points. 
  12. Take as many Strongholds as possible and reinforce the ones ahead of the caravan.
  13. Go for Citadels as they give points if occupied for more than 3 minutes initially.
  14. Go for the Ancient Remains first as they give you 50% more attack, and then occupy other Strongholds. Send the strongest players to the Ancient Remains to hold on to the boost.
  15. Maintain control over the Hot Springs to get 50% healing speed boost to all guild members.
  16. Keep the weakest players in the protected area, and have them provide reinforcements to nearby Turfs. 
  17. When caravans start to move, occupy these Strongholds as they give more points
  18. 5 members should be allowed to freely roam and do rallies on enemy captured Strongholds.
  19. Mostly, have fun.
  20. Don’t forget to shield up after!

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