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[News] Facebook Event Winners: Hero of Your Dreams

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Posted on 2016-06-16 18:14:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi Lords! Here are the winners from our Facebook event: Hero of Your Dreams! Rewards will be sent out in 2 business days. Hope you all get stronger heroes and rule the world! And as usual, like our Facebook page for more future giveaway events and rewards!

IGG IDRewards
31653868110 Rose Knight Medal
31640111110 Shade Medal
32482630310 Demon Slayer Medal
33573075610 Rose Knight Medal
33512558210 Demon Slayer Medal
32264002510 Black Crow Medal
32096983310 Tricster Medal
33822237510 Rose Knight Medal
31479738910 Incinerator Medal
11450958710 Death knight Medal
33216455510 Shade Medal
24482982210 Scarlet Bolt Medal
33408372210 Death knight Medal
33351804210 Black Crow Medal
33347633210 Rose Knight Medal
32130678110 Boom Hilda Medal
31903425310 Tricster Medal
29770815010 Rose Knight Medal
30132749210 Oath keeper Medal
32803972810 Demon Slayer Medal

Hear Me Roar!
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blood y hell why am i not eligible i just asked for petite devil medals

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My name
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