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[News] The Dark Follower Has Arrived

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Greetings, Lords and Ladies! 

We'd like to introduce a new Hero: Jonas, the Dark Follower!

Jonas once lived a peaceful life in a monastery where he hoped to become a great spiritual leader. His dreams were reduced to ashes, though, when an evil entity possessed his body, destroyed his home, and forced him to go on an unfathomable quest. Now his spirit struggles against the entity, dark and light warring within him for control of his body.

These are some of the Dark Follower's skills.

Battle Skill: Training Speed +20%, Research Speed +25%, Gold Production +150% (Enhanced to Legendary Grade)

Ultimate Skill: Eerie Veil
Gathers dark energy on the enemy from long range, dealing damage to all enemies in a cone, reducing MATK for 8s.
Deals %x Magic DMG. Also reduces MATK by %y. %b

Skill 2: Holy Blessing
Casts a rejuvenating light, restoring nearby allies' HP in a medium area around the target and increasing ATK for 5s.
Restores %x HP. Also increases ATK by %y.

Skill 3: Dark Unrest
Unleashes dark magic to engulf the enemy from long range, dealing damage to all enemies in a line and disabling enemy's Magic for 3s.
Deals %x Magic DMG. Also disables enemy's Magic. %b

Skill 4: Holy Barrier
The purity within Jonas summons a wall of light, increasing allies' MDEF.
Increases all allies' MDEF by %y.

“Struggle all you want, puppet, but darkness shall swallow this world!”- Jonas

As a slave to darkness, Jonas fights a hopeless battle for control of his body. Will he ever be free from this curse?

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Can any player get it without spending money ??

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I love the new hero! :heart:

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for a better review of the hero. till now the best vid about him that I could find.

Looking for someone to create me a new signature. 
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Would be nice to get a little color on some of our characters.   Jus sayin

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Is it possible to have new free heores update too ? Not enough healers maybe a revivor one.. dunno I did not deepky thought about it but in terms of heroes it lacks a lot in the mechanics diversity.. for free players which is kinda the essence of the game..  it is free evem though I agree to objective of it is money.. keep the essence and your objectives up for the fun of all players thank you !

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