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[Guide Event] How to start and build might

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Lords Mobile Walkthrough

All credits to this walkthrough go to personal experience as well as my guild We Are Legion
Important acronyms
Rss = resources
Rss plots = resource plots found in the world
Glads = Gladiator
Cats = Catapults
T1/2/3/4 = Tier 1/2/3/4 troops or traps

Food: Farms are used to get this resource.  Important to have as a resource to upgrade buildings and resources however not important to use as troop upkeep.  Your troops will not die if you have zero food.  Keep the packs that you will accrue throughout your gameplay and use them when necessary.  Have two farms at most.

Wood: Lumber Mills are used to get this resource.  Probably the most important resource besides gold in the game.  Always scarce but necessary for most if not all buildings and research.

Ore: Quarry is used to get this resource.  Used the least however very hard to mine on rss tiles.  This resource will take the most time to farm on resource plots.

Stone: Mines are used to get this resource.  Used however very hard to mine on rss tiles.  This resource will take the second most time to farm on resource plots.

Gold: Manors are used to get this resource.  The least available RSS on the map.  Ruins are used to mine on the world map.  This will take a very long time.

Gems and How To Acquire Them

There are many different ways to acquire gems in the game.  One way are different events that Lords Mobile hosts which can be found on the upper left corner on a tab that says news.  Another way is through the colosseum.  By ranking higher and higher in the colosseum you can get different amounts of gems every three hours.  This is available at level ten castle or higher.  Mystery chests and monster hunting also can drop gems ranging from ten to five hundred.  Solo events and hell events can also award gems but usually top two spots are awarded.  Server maintainence  will award 300 or more gems.  Finally the last way to get gems is through real world money aka in app purchases.  This is the fastest way to acquire gems but require real money.

The heroes are the leaders of your troops when attacking other players, they also hunt monsters, and they are used to test your might in the colosseum.  They can be upgraded with equipments and medals which are found by clicking the golden statue on your turf. Medals are awarded in elite stages and equipments are found in the normal and elite stages. Elite stages are unlocked after finishing the first chapter on normal. These are important to complete because of a variety of reasons. First they give your heroes experience. Second they give you the necessary equipments to rank your heroes up. Thirdly you will receive speed ups that can be used to speed up build/ research times or troop training or anything else that takes time.

Might: How much might the troops give you
Upkeep: How much food per hour they cost
Capacity: How much space they can hold
Grunts: Might 2 Upkeep 1 Capacity 7
Strong against ranged and siege engine
Weak against Calvary and defenses
These are the first to attack and first to die. It is best if you research their health and defenses so the rest of your army can take the enemy down

Archer: Might 2 Upkeep 1 Capacity 6
Strong against Calvary and siege engine
Weak against infantry and defenses
Good to have however there are better options.

Cataphract: Might 2 Upkeep 1 Capacity 5
Strong against infantry and siege engine
Weak against ranged and defenses
Really good to have with infantry with a lot of health

Ballista: Might 2 Upkeep 1 Capacity 8
Strong against defenses
Weak against infantry Calvary and ranged
Really good to have if enemy has walls. They are worthless as defense on RSS tiles but good for their capacity. Also unnecessary for turf defense.

Gladiator :           Might 8 Upkeep 2 Capacity 9

Sharpshooter:    Might 8 Upkeep 2 Capacity 8

Reptilian Rider: Might 8 Upkeep 2 Capacity 7

Catapult:              Might 8 Upkeep 2 Capacity 10

Royal Guard:      Might 24 Upkeep 3 Capacity 12

Stealth Sniper:   Might 24 Upkeep 3 Capacity 10

Royal Cavalry:   Might 24 Upkeep 3 Capacity 9

Fire Trebuchet: Might 24 Upkeep 3 Capacity 15

Heroic Fighter:            Might 36 Upkeep 4 Capacity 20

Heroic Cannoneer:     Might 36 Upkeep 4 Capacity 15

Ancient Drake Rider: Might 36 Upkeep 4 Capacity 12

Destroyer:                     Might 36 Upkeep 4 Capacity 30

Building Types

Farm: Produces Food.  Need two at max

Mines: Produces ore.  Make five or six

Quarry: Produces Stone. Make five or six

Lumber Mill:  Produces Wood.  Make five or six

Manor:  Produces Gold.  Make thirteen of them.  They also increase troop training speed.

Barracks:  Produces troops.  Make two of these.  They also allow you to increase the amount of troops you can produce at one time.

Infirmary:  These heal your troops that get injured at home base.  They do not cover any reinforcement troops (allied troops) nor any troops that may die in a rss tile nor when you are attacking other players.

Academy:  Allows you to research a number of traits for your Turf so you can become stronger.  There are sub classes that they divide into.  These are Economy, Defense, Military, Monster Hunt, and Upgrade Defenses.  I will touch on these more later.

Workshop:  Allows you to forge equipment for your hero.  This will be talked more about later in the guide.

Trading Post:  Allows you to trade between people in your guild.  However to trade with people in your guild there will be a tax that is included in your trade.  The higher the level of your trading post the less tax that is incorporated.

Embassy:  Allows you give and receive reinforced troops.

Battle Hall:  Allows you to rally or defend your allies.

Prison:   Allows you to take other people’s Leaders after level of your turf is ten or higher.  This also allows you to execute other people’s leaders who turf level is seventeen or higher.

Alter:  You get boosts from executing other people’s Leaders.

Treasure Grove:  Basically like a bank.  You deposit a minimum of ten thousand gems and after seven/ fourteen/ thirty days you get a return on your gems and the original amount you deposited back.  This is available after level seventeen turf.
VIP ponts- spend your gems on VIP points, aim for VIP 6-8 it increases the time you can free complete something and has other perks

Talent points- put them all on the right side, only putting enough into each to unlock research and construction speed, then max out research and construction level 1 and 2 having both maxed will give you over a 100% boost to reduce the time it takes to build and research
Troops- get to level nine as quick as possible to start researching teir 2 troops. then go back and fix the rest.

If you are going to spend real money do it on the one time offers you get 2x the amount of gems for half the price of buying them individually

Research Construct speed and monster hunt 1 and also research the building blocks for teir 2 troops so you can start as soon as you get to level 9.

Thank you for reading my walkthrough
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