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[Guide] Lords Mobile FAQ

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Player’s Guide

What can I expect from “Lords Mobile”?

Lords Mobile is a combination RPG/SLG game. You take on the role of a Lord with a turf to rule. It’s up to you to become the strongest Lord in the world! Defend what’s yours with upgradeable buildings, mighty collectible Heroes, advanced technologies, and more!

How can I link and/or switch accounts?

  1. Tap the ‘+’ icon.
  2. Choose [Account].
  3. Tap [Link] to connect your account to a Gmail account for safekeeping.
  4. Tap [Switch account] and enter your linked Gmail account to switch accounts.

How can I protect my Turf?

  • Activate a Shield to protect your Turf from attacks.
  • Your Troops will defend your Turf if they aren’t busy with another task. For example, if your Troops are busy gathering, they'll make their way back to your Turf to help defend.
  • Use a Random Relocator or Relocator I to move your turf to a new location.
  • Move closer to your guild mates so they can back you up when danger is near.
  • Build an Infirmary will help reduce the number of casualties to your forces.

How can I check out other Kingdoms and relocate my Turf there?


Viewing other Kingdoms:

  1. Tap the map button located on the bottom left corner to access the World Map.
  2. Tap the globe button to access the Atlas.

Relocating Turf to another Kingdom:

    1. Make sure that you have a Relocator II.
    2. Tap the map button located on the bottom left corner to access the World Map
    3. Tap the globe icon to access the Atlas if you want to relocate to another Kingdom
    4. Tap any empty space, and tap ‘Transfer’ to relocate your turf to that space.

Note: Relocator II can only be used if your Castle is Lv 5 or below. This item will expire seven days after you create your account.

How to get free Gems?

  1. You’ll get Gems when you join your first Guild!
  2. You can win a huge amount of Gems from events.
  3. Gems can be found in Mystery Boxes.

  4. Occupy Gem Lodes during special events to gather Gems.

  5. Win Gems from Facebook and Forum events.

  6. Buy Gems to receive bonus Gems.

  7. Get Gems when you link your account.

  8. Gems can also be found in Guild Caches.

How can I gather resources?

  1. Tap a resource tile in the World Map.
  2. Choose ‘Occupy’ to deploy your troops there.
  3. Once your troops are done gathering, they’ll return to your Turf automatically. The amount of resources gathered is based on your Army Capacity. The more troops you have, the more resources they can gather!

How can I gain EXP?

You can gain EXP from Hero Stages, Turf, Admin, and Guild Quests, Monster Hunts, Skirmishes, and Battles.

How can my Heroes gain EXP?

Your Heroes can gain EXP from Hero Stages, Gathering, EXP items, Monster Hunts, Skirmishes, and Battles.

How can I get Talent Points?

You’ll get Talent Points when you level up! You can use them to learn and/or upgrade Talents. 

How can I rename my player character?

Your Castle is named after you, so changing your player name will also change your Castle name!

You can rename your player using the two options listed below.

  1. Tap the Bag icon.
  2. Go to the Gem Mall.
  3. Buy a Name-Changer.
  4. This item will be sent to your Bag after purchase.

  5. Select it from your Bag to rename your character.


  1. Tap your avatar.
  2. Tap the quill icon.
  3. If you have a Name-Changer,a prompt to enter your new name will appear.
  4. If not, you can spend 100 Gems to rename your character.

Why should I be a VIP?

VIP players get to enjoy many perks, including accelerated construction time, increased resource production, increased travel speed, Auto-Battle in Hero Stages, and many more! With these perks, VIP players grow faster, giving them an advantage in battles! Tap the VIP button on the top left corner to learn more!

How can I raise my VIP level?

You can raise your VIP level up to 15 by earning VIP Points.

How can I gain VIP points?

You gain VIP Points by logging in daily. Logging in for consecutive days will give more VIP Points! You can also get them from Quests and Events. The fastest way to gain VIP points is to buy Gems or use items with the ‘Get Points’ button. 

How can I increase my Might?

Might can be increased by training soldiers, researching technology, constructing and upgrading buildings. During each upgrade, you can check the amount of Might you will gain from the menu!

How can I get Allied Troops?

After building your Embassy, your guild mates will be able to send Allied Troops to help you out if your Castle comes under attack. Upgrading the Embassy increases the number of allied troops that can be sent to you.

What is an Invasion?

An Invasion is an attack on another player. There will be a Rally Period before the start of the Invasion that you can set the duration of. During the Rally Period, your guild mates can choose to help by sending reinforcements to you. All troops will set off for the Invasion site when the Rally Period is over. You must have a Battle Hall to start an Invasion. The level of your Battle Hall determines the number of reinforcements you can receive. Only you can send back reinforcements. Troops that have already set off can’t be recalled.

Can I increase the size of my Army?

Your Army Limit will increase by 1 when your Castle reaches Levels 7, 13, 19, and 25 respectively.

How can I save coordinates?

Coordinates can be saved through the following steps:

1. Tap the map button to access the World Map.

2. Tap any location and a prompt will appear.

3. You can save the current coordinates by adding it to your bookmarks.

4. Your bookmarks can be viewed at the bottom left corner

How do I hire Heroes?

Collect 10 identical Medals to hire a Hero. You get Medals when you complete chapters in Normal or Elite Hero Stages. Certain events also give you the chance to win special, limited-edition Heroes!

How can I make my Heroes stronger?

Heroes learn new Hero Skills and Battle Skills when they level up and get promoted. You can also collect Medals to upgrade your Heroes and improve their attributes and Battle Skills.

What do Heroes bring to the battle?

Heroes command your army in battle! Aside from being elite fighters, they bring many skills that can help your army on the battlefield. They also allow you to have a bigger army!

Turf Buildings


The Castle is your most important building. You can also check your current Upkeep and resource production rate at your Castle.

Upgrading the Castle unlocks access to different buildings and allows you to further upgrade your other buildings.

Upgrading your Castle will also increase:

1. Max Army size.

2. Number of Heroes that can be deployed.

3. Number of times you can request help from guild mates.


The Barracks are where your soldiers get trained. Upgrade or build more barracks to train more soldiers.

If you want to dismiss a group of soldiers:

1. Tap the soldier’s class.

2. Tap the “Dismiss” button at the bottom left.

3. Enter the number of soldiers to dismiss.

4. Tap “Dismiss.”

Castle Walls

Your last line of defense. Garrison heroes and build traps here to protect your turf from invasion. Upgrade your Walls to add more traps and increase Wall HP. Upgrading your Castle will allow you to garrison more heroes at the Walls.


Store your resources in the Vault to safeguard them during raids! Upgrade your Vault to store more resources.


Research new technology at the Academy!

To research, you must:

1. Have enough resources.

2. Upgrade your Academy to the required level.

3. Complete research on prerequisites (if any).


Fuse Jewels and Materials and forge Relics in the Workshop.

Relics, Jewels, and Materials are separated into five different grades:

1. Common

2. Uncommon

3. Elite

4. Legendary

5. Mythic

Forge a Relic to improve its grade.

Fuse 4 Jewels/Materials of the same type to create a Jewel/Material of a higher grade.


Once you have an Embassy, your guild mates will be able to send troops to help you.

Upgrade your Embassy to let more Allied Troops into your turf. Upkeep for Allied Troops sent to your turf will be paid by your guild mate.

Trading Post

Trade resources with your guild mates at the Trading Post. Once you confirm the resources to trade, Supply Troops will deliver them to your guild mate. Upgrading the Trading Post will allow you to send more resources and pay less supply tax.

Battle Hall

Build a Battle Hall to start or join a Rally! Rallies can help you to defeat powerful enemies.

1. Your guild mates will also be able to deploy armies to support your invasion.

2. You can join invasions launched by your guild mates.

3. You can also deploy troops to help your guild mates when they are being invaded.

Upgrade your Battle Hall to rally more troops. Go to “Rally Battles” in the Guild menu to view all Rally battles currently underway in your guild. Soldiers that join a Rally will share the Coalition Leader's attributes, including Technology, Boosts, Hero Skills, Relics, and Altar Boosts.


The Watchtower warns you of impending attacks, informs you when you have been scouted, and lets you know when supply troops or reinforcements are arriving. Upgrade the Watchtower to get more detailed reports.


The Infirmary is where wounded Troops get healed. Make sure your Infirmaries have enough room.Wounded Troops that are not admitted into the Infirmaries will die!

Upgrade your Infirmaries or build more of them to increase Infirmary Capacity.

Remember, healing wounded Troops takes less time than training training new ones!

Your Infirmaries can’t heal Allied Troops.

Farm, Lumber Mill, Mines, Quarry, and Manor

The Farm produces Food.

The Lumber Mill produces Timber.

Mines produce Ore.

The Quarry produces Stone.

The Manor produces Gold.

Upgrade buildings to increase their resource production and storage.Upgrading the Manor also increases training speed at the Barracks.


With a Prison, you can capture enemy Leaders if your Castle is Lv 10+. If your Castle is Lv 17+, you’ll be able to execute prisoners. It takes longer to execute higher level prisoners.Upgrade your Prison to reduce waiting time. When your Prison is Lv25, your army gets an ATK boost when an enemy leader is captured.


The Altar grants temporary Army Boosts when you execute captured Leaders. Upgrade the Altar to improve the boost effect. Executing 1 Leader grants a 24h boost. Execute more Leaders to extend the duration of the boost.

Treasure Trove

Make a deposit at the Treasure Trove and earn more Gems over time! Upgrade the Treasure Trove to increase the max deposit amount and interest rate.


Account Issues

What is an IGG ID?

Your IGG ID is bound to your device. You’ll only have one IGG ID across all IGG games installed on the same device.An IGG ID is a sequence of numbers generated for you after you play Lords Mobile for the first time. Your IGG ID serves as your game account and is required if you need to submit any bug reports or join various events in the future. You can find your IGG ID by opening Settings and tapping ‘Others’ >‘Account.’

How do I link my account if I’m using an Android device?

You can secure your game progress by linking your game account (IGG ID) to a Google account!

Note: Each Google account can only be linked once! Make sure that the Google account you want to link hasn’t been linked to any other IGG ID.

Here are the steps to a safer future…

  1. Under Settings, tap ‘Others’ > ’Account’ > ‘Link.’
  2. Select the Google account you want to link it with.

How do I switch between accounts?

Your game account and progress can easily be transferred as long as it is linked to a Google account! Remember that each IGG ID can only be liked to one Google account.

Here are the steps to help you out.

  1. Make sure that your account is linked to a Google account.
  2. Log into your Google account and open Lords Mobile on the device you want to transfer to.
  3. Under Settings, tap ‘Others’ >‘Account’ >‘Switch Account.’
  4. Select the Google account you have linked to your Lords Mobile account.

Purchase Issues

I just bought Gems, but they never came through. What can I do?

While most of the transactions go smoothly, sometimes our servers might be slower than usual or might result in errors. 

We appreciate your patience when this happens and ask that you please wait some time for your transaction to go through. If they do not appear, quit and restart Lords Mobile. Your Gems should now be credited to you.

If all else fails, please contact our customer support and provide your order number. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Basic Troubleshooting

Lords Mobile crashed on my Android device and refuses to load, what can I do?

Start with these steps when you are ready to troubleshoot the cause of the crash you’ve experienced.

  1. Make sure that your copy of Lords Mobile was downloaded from the Google Play Store, as we are unable to determine the stability of games downloaded elsewhere.
  2. It is crucial that your device has enough memory to run the game. You can clear up space by minimizing the number of applications running. To close applications, go to ‘Settings’ >‘Apps,’ and select the applications that you want to close.
  3. Having insufficient storage space will also affect the quality of gameplay. Free up storage space on your device by deleting the applications you’re no longer using.
  4. It is important that your device is updated to the latest version for a better gameplay experience. To check for updates, go to ‘Settings’ >‘About Phone.’

Quick Guide

How to get stronger!

Talents - Upgrade Talents using Talent Points you get when you level up!

Heroes - Heroes’ skills and army size can be upgraded using equipment and medals obtained from Heroes Stages. 

Research - Research technologies in the Academy! 

Army - Train troops and upgrade them in the Barracks to strengthen your army!

Protecting your turf

Join a Guild - Joining a Guild will allow your Guildmates to help you out when you’re in trouble!

Shield - Activating a Shield can protect your Turf from attacks for a certain period of time.

Relocating - Caught in a never-ending battle? Had too many enemies? Relocate your Turf to another area on the map! 

Renaming - Changing your name will help you escape from enemies who are pursuing you!

Infirmary - Building and upgrading of Infirmaries will allow you to accommodate and heal more troops!

Wall - Upgrade your Wall to increase the defense on your Turf! Attributes can also be boosted via the Academy. 

Vault - Upgrade your Vault to protect your resources from Raids.  

Maintaining your Supply of Resources

Gathering - Send your troops out to gather resources! Troop type and size will determine the amount gathered.

Resource Buildings - Keep those resources coming in when you construct different Resource Buildings! The more you construct, the more resources you can get!

Talents - Upgrade Talents using Talent Points you get when you level up!

Research - Research technologies in the Academy!

Raids - Raid your enemies to rob them of their resources!

Ways to get Gems!

Join a Guild - Get Gems when you join your first Guild!

Mystery Box - Win Gems from the Mystery Box!

Guild Cache - Win Gems from the Guild Cache! The more Guildmates you have, the higher your chances!

Events - Get Gems when you complete Events! A good spot on the Event Rankings will guarantee you more Gems!

Special Bundle - Buy the Special Bundle from the Mall is the easiest and fastest way to get Gems!


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What's goen on yall, Vnncz3 here I cover Mid to High level gameplay/guides in Lords Mobile on my YouTube Channel.


I cover Hero chapters/heroes all around I cover quite a bit so feel free to check me out.
Don't be afraid to ask for certain videos made I do them all :)
Enjoy and thanks for the consideration.

I also cover Castle Clash High Level Gameplay and mid level Clash Royale Gameplay.

What's goen on yall, Vnncz3 here I cover Mid to High level gameplay/guides in Lords Mobile on my YouTube Channel.


I cover Hero chapters/heroes all around I cover quite a bit so feel free to check me out.

Don't be afraid to ask for certain videos made I do them all :)

Enjoy and thanks for the consideration.

I also cover Castle Clash High Level Gameplay and mid level Clash Royale Gameplay.
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I cant to build the treasure trove building. As i know when lv17 of castle we can build the treasure trove. But i cant see any thing to build this building

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I think I messed up!  I saw another guild member who is also my neighbor was being invaded so I either sent a garrison.or reinforcements and the Invaders left.  Then there were blue and orange (I think ) lines to the invaders, I'm assuming, and then I got scouted and then it said something  about my garrisoned troops and my recalling them????  I'm totally confused here.  What have I done and what do I do?  I've been playing for one day!  Lol. Thanks in advance