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[Bug] Zhan's Guide to Trap Accounts

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Hello there Lords and Ladies!
Do you spend little or no money on the game?
Do you feel as if the game is unbalanced?
Do you wish you could help your guild out in combat?
If you said yes to at least one of these i may have some info for you to help you out.

First off, offense costs an arm and a leg in res in game. You either have to bully smaller players and guilds, risk collecting res on tiles, or save up on res packages to effectively train large batches at a time.
So in short i believe that defense is the best way to go.
Lets start with buildings!
Hodpitals are key here, i run 7 and most are low level. I have 135k hospital space and only 80k t3 troops. So if someone was to raid me and i did not shelter i will have no troop deaths. Healing troops is faster and cheaper in the long run my friends.
Research! Research! Research!
There is a reason why defense has 2 trees for you to exploit. With proper defensive research completed you will make those mich stronger than you cringe at thier battle reports.
Trap research, this is the second most importaint part of your defenses. With your traps having thier hp, attack, and defense upgraded you will slaughter those who dont take the time to properly buff their troops. Keep in mind tho, when your wall falls your traps become useless.
Wall research, this is your number one priority.
With a proper wall you will increase the effectiveness of your traps and troops. Your wall hp and wall defense go hand in hand. They should be increased together for it to be effective. Wall repair is also important, unless you dont mind waiting 10+ days for your wall to heal.
Lastly on research, is military.
My main focus is ensuring my troops have thier hp and defense maxed out followed by their attack. The longer your troops are alive, the longer they can defend your base.

Gear and attribute points.
For these i focus on only a few things
Well Def, Trap attack, hp, defense
Army hp, defense.
This further makes it harder to break through my wall and troops.

Lastly, your hero garrison.
Everyone has their mix of heroes, i get that.
But for me its anyone who has those defensive bonuses i love so very much.

Thanks for reading everyone! Sorry about the length and any spelling errors you may have found.

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