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[Bug] Devils Cap available to buy with gems? Other items?

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Posted on 2017-06-10 15:27:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

I think that the devils cap should be available to purchase with gems. I have several accounts and It would save time and money to be able to buy these with gems and not one devils cap per store package. This way not only do I save time but I could purchase these and send them to my smaller toons if I needed to. Migration scrolls would also be useful in the gem store. I am sure that there a r many other items that would be a big benefit if they were made available to purchase with gems.

Posted on 2019-07-08 15:10:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

How can I get one? Ive spemt hundreds of dollars and ive only been playing a 3 weeks but no option to get one. Make these more easily obtainable or im done with this game.