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[Elite Trainer] Newbie Guide - Hyper Farming 101

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What is a hyper farm?
A hyper farm is a castle build that allows you to produces a huge amount of one resource and almost none of the others.
Why by a hyper farm?
Efficiency! Advancing in this game is all about being efficient with your time, money, and resources. A hyper farm can easily produce far more resources than a player with even resource production.
How do I set up a hyper farm?
There are 6 components of hyper farming and I will be listing them in order of importance for the average player. Before you begin to set up your hyper farm, you have to decide which resource you will focus on. This guide will focus on stone, timber, and ore hypers. You can also hyper farm food, but your troop will eat a lot of it and food is easy to get, so it is not worth it. You can also hyper farm gold, but it will make it easy for you to lose a lot of troops. In order to hyper farm gold you will need lots of Manors, which means you won't have many Infirmaries to protect your troops if you get attacked. You can be a gold hyper farm using the same methods described below, but be careful as it is dangerous for your troops.
1. You want to construct 15 of the building that produce your kind of resource, and one of each of the other types. For example, a timber hyper would have one farm, one quarry, one mine, and 15 lumber mills. If you have already build multiples of the other buildings, you will need to destroy them and replace them with your chosen resource building.
2. After you have most of your buildings switched over, you need to reset your talents. The largest resource production boost will come from your talents. Maxing out the third tier of resource generation will increase your production by 288%. My recommended non-war talent set up maxing Training Speed I & II, Construction Speed I & II, Research I & II, and your chosen resource production III. You will have enough points to do this by player level 52 or so. After that you can put your extra talent points into your resource production II, or Gathering II (if you do not have three gold Lunar Flutes I highly recommend gathering until you do. The 75% increased research speed is absolutely necessary for high level researches).
3. While you are constructing your buildings you should also be working on your resource producing heroes. Each resource has two heroes that will increase your resource production. At gold grade each hero will increase your resource production by 150%. To get a hero that you don't own to gold will require 330 medals (10 to hire, 20 to green, 50 to blue, 100 to purple, and 150 to gold).You will average 1 medal per 3 elite hero stage sweeps. You recover 240 stamina per day which will allow for 20 sweeps per day. That is roughly 7 medals per day, which means you can get a gold hero is 47 days without using Bravehearts or completing turf quests that give stamina as a reward. The heroes that increase resource production are: 
Stone- Death Knight and Sea Squire.
Timber- Incinerator and Rose Knight
Ore- Tracker and Death Archer
4. Increasing your resource harvesting research in the economy tree will increase your resource production. Unfortunately, it is not a huge boost. Research lv 10 will increase your production by 80%, which is fine, but it requires Academy lv 25, which is difficult for F2P players to build.
5. You can buy a 7 day 25% resource production boost with 19,200 guild coins. This may be a small boost compared to heroes, research, and talents, but it is cheap to buy, so I think it is worth it.
6. There is some gear that will increase your resource production. I will list it here, but it is all P2P gear and if you are going to spend money on gear, forging war gear is a much more important and useful than production gear.
Stone- Wyrm Seal - Increases stone production by 35% at gold rank
        - Gargantuan Belt- Increases stone production by 50% at gold rank
Wood- Wyrm Rod - Increases timber production by 50% at gold rank
        - Terror Blade- Increases timber prodcution by 25% at gold rank
        - Burning Scroll - Increases timber production by 35% at gold rank
Ore- Terror Vial - Increases Ore production by 35% at gold rank
A fully set up stone hyper (not including P2P gear) with 15 Lv. 25 quarries (combined base production of 458,400 per hour) 2 gold heroes (300%), all stone talents (367%) and lv 10 stone research (80%) and a production boost (25%) can produce 3,562,684 stone per hour. You can easily produce over 1.5 million of your resource per hour by using the methods described above.
Hyper Farm Teams:
This is when three members of a guild become hyper farms for each of the three main resources. Each member sends each of the other two members 1/3 of the resources they produce. This allows each member to effectively produce over 400k of each resource per hour (including the supply tax). Once a hyper team has been established, you will never have to worry about running low on resources again. You can then use the extra resources you will be producing to trade with the cargo ship to give you lots of resource packs as well as speed ups.

I hope this guide will help players who are looking for a fun, efficient, and effective way to play Lords Mobile!

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IGG ID: 206271350
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