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[Guide Event] A newbie guide everything you need to know

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                                              Lords Mobile Guide For Newbies
Do "NOT" leave your new migrated protected kingdom, Reason for this is simple you will be farmed you will be hit over and over and you will not find this game enjoyable, If you stay in your migrated protected kingdom it will be more fair and also more even making it easier for use to grow.
The SHIELD is there to protect you new GUYS!!!
B:Construction and Research 

This will boost your construction speed a lot 

Construction Gear

Free to play hero 
Sage of storm : he will give you an additional 20% construction speed if you get him to gold level 


Research Gear

Free To Play Hero 
Trickster: will get you an awesome 25% research boost plus alot of help with energy for monster hunt 

C:Hero Stages 
Okay its no secret pay to play heroes are easier to complete chapter missions as if your rich you can literally get your hero gold and buy bravehearts all day but if your experienced and smart you can get around it with free to play with the following heroes:

Tracker(Tank)-unlock elite chapter 2-15           
Oath Keeper until you unlock Rose Knight

Night Raven (unlock by completing chapter 1)

Lunar Fort: Calvary DEF +20% Calvary Max HP +20%
Frozen Fort: Ranged ATK +25%
Tempest Fort: Infantry ATK +25%
Bright Fort Calvary ATK +25%
Sky Fort: Infantry DEF +20% Infantry Max HP +20% 
Comet Fort: Ranged DEF +20% Ranged Max HP +20%

This is where the best of the best fight who ever holds the base for the longest time will win the choice of 1 million gems or 600 million gold and this war goes down for 24 hours but you need the guilds leader to purchase a royal pass that costs 100,000 gems which is a massive gamble which could be worth it.... but expect a big fight

This is basically the best way to train your guild mates, there are 5 different level of Darknests the bigger you hit the higher level essences.
Transmutation Lab: this is where the transmutation  begins can be 3hrs,8hrs,12hrs
The goddess Athena: She basically heals all of your troops and saves any troops from dying so basically you have nothing to lose :)

Siege: build 50k Tier3 siege then stop like literally ranged will take down the walls for you siege is basically becoming very pointless in lords mobile the only benefit for siege is they hold extra resources when collecting resources.

Rush to C17 and get the Tier 3 troops as quick as possible as that is how you get into a nice big guild in a new kingdom 

 F:Attacking Castles 

okay guys i cant stress this enough my number 1 tip is troops are made to eventually die as you guys are playing a war game so if your not looking to fight and risk your troops on a war game please stop reading this guide and download farmville
Rush to C17 and get them Tier 3 unlocked as quick as possible as your might will go up so much faster and you will be stronger, this tactic is perfect for newbies in new kingdoms 
Troops weaknesses: 
Calvary weakness is Ranged
Infantry weakness is Calvary
Ranged weakness is Infantry 

Tier1+2 troops: Perfect for two things
1.Meat Shield if you do not include some Tier1 or 2 with your tier 3 when attacking 40%of your Tier 3 will die but if you include Tier 1 or Tier 2 they will die instead and get wounded before your Tier 3 which will help lots in the long run
2. Trap accounts: If you can make an account with about 3 million Tier1 troops you will be laughing for months(unless you get a 3 million rally on you lol) as not 1 guy will be able to solo you unless there bren chong your tier 1 would even sponge T4 attacks and they would be so mad as they would lose minimum of 200k T4 troops which is very expensive 

for example these reports are from my 14 million might account vs 100+million might guys

mainly Tier 1 troops did this damage to Tier 3  so yeah guys be careful but at the same time have fun 

Guide complete 

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