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[Event] Lords Mobile Think Tank

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Looking for unity

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https://youtu.be/hMZZsr6zidIHello all.

I'm going to run a weekly competition.  I want everyone to send your best trap video/clip and the  best will be featured on my channel  so everyone spread the word and share the link below like and subscribe
I look forward to receiving your clips :)


Many thanks
The Trap King

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How about adding a ×2 ×4 ×6 hit button on monster attacks...instead of single hit or blow your wad in a single hit.

Also the stacking shields thing mentioned earlier would be great aswell....if many are like me that got tons of 2 4 and 8 hr shields just layin around with nothing to do with them

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Would a developer be able to include a shield merge or a item sell feature? I have lots of 4hr shield I will never use, even if it cost 4 or 5 of a shield to merge I'd be fine with that and items I rarely us like cabinet expansion I have 75 and I  used 50 already. Even if it's little amount of gold I'd sell them

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*idea* A collisum event, instead of the normal 5 man group make it a 10 man group for the event.

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Here is my personal guide.
Resources stop wining over them you need 8 to 10 farms 6 ore mines, 6 wood mills, and 6 stone mines.
As for your barraks if want to be boss then think big 6 barracks and 6 hospitals. You may ask what about gold?
You need 2 to 4 to start with but will have room for more if need be. Now as for you heroes you may have someone who keeps on and on
about Trickster. Let me stop you there clear however many Elite stages of the quest you can. After you you have done that go back in keep doing it till you get Heroes you want, or need and get them to green, or blue or even gold depending on your patience level. You will need 10 medals to hire a heroe and 20 to go green. Make sure you up you shields as well on each heroe. All of this will make huge diffrence.

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Great  evening  it's a fine I hope that will be fine

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Everyone firstly  have to use the STA to increase their hero medal level after that use for their experience....