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IGG ID: 379117504

IGG ID: 379117504
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IGG ID : 416550256

Name : ReMoOo

kingdom : 122

From today and every week, I will present a series of the most important steps to arrive in a strong and fast way.
I. Resources:
Jewels, stones, food, mine, wood, gold
1 - Gems: the best use of them from my point of view placed in the VIP because the VIP helps a lot in the speed of construction, research and training and many things too, it is necessary to focus quickly and put every gem in the VIP and is the right place
2 - Stones: very important ways to get it first by attacking the quarries in the main map and here the more the number of your army in the attack on the quarry and the greater the amount of resources they can carry


2- through events, it must be sold every day because it comes on a daily basis more than once


3- the daily tasks of the alliance or the manager


4- Box Mystery


5- supply can be ordered from your allies knowing that they must be next to you until the transfer and will explain all the details of the success of the alliance in one of the next episodes, God willing, and this picture of the building responsible for the acceptance of supplies


These methods also apply to gold, wood, food, and mine
I hope you have the explanation you have liked about the resources and wait for me more explanation every week

IGG ID : 416550256
المملكة : 122
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I know I'm in the wrong section here but need some help!!  I'm new with Lord's mobile.  I only just got my castle to a level 6.

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Tips for Attacking Castles
1. If you are going to attack castles be sure that you set your talent to war mode.
2. Change to war gear.
3. Use attack boost and max army size boost if you have, if not you can buy one if you got enough gems.
4. Of course you should scout first.
5. Don't attack if too many troops are unsheltered in your enemy's turf.
6. If you think you can beat them attack but be sure to send the right troops.
7. Cavalry beats Infantry/ Ranged beats Cavalry/ Infantry beats Ranged/ Siege beats walls
8. For example if your enemy got 100% wall HP and 80k traps, 50k Cavalry and 50k Ranged, send as much siege as you can then 50% Ranged and 50% Infantry
9. Good luck and happy hunting!
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I think overlord should have a bit more power, he should be able to see guildfest participation of each member in any guild as well as KvK and other events

What are taxes for? Where do the gold or other resources go? Overlord should be able to set how high the taxes should be (from 10% to like 50%) and he should get the gold that is taxed.

Bounty board.
Every kingdom should have a bounty board at least for C25, it would show how high bounties do players currently have. Not their location. Just name and the gold you will get for burning them.

Guild trade post
This one is an idea that many f2p players would love to see. It probably wont get a chance but i have to try. Here players who are in the same guild could trade materials and jewels (white for white, green for green, probably not allowed to trade champion jewels/materials) it would greatly help f2p players to get a bit stronger with their gear, and p2p players to get rid of the things they dont need.

When you get burned by someone while holding prisoners the attacker should get the chance to re-capture the prisoners you are holding, for five minutes after burning you they could somewhere choose if they want to release them and collect the bounty, or recapture them and have the bounty set on them.

Prisoners 2
You should be able to send prisoners to other guildmates when you want to shield or just want them to have it, your battle fury must be off. You will have to send army with the prisoner as it would go way slower than normal army, and it could be ambushed on the way there by other players. You couldnt send other armies while transferring prisoners, everyone would be informed that you are transferring prisoners to someone in global chat, and you could only transfer one prisoner at a time, this would require a whole new building or a prison lvl 25 (note:you wouldnt get the prisoner boost from the prisoner you are transferring)

These were just some ideas i needed to throw somewhere, let me know what you think or how would you change them. ~jinfra

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IGG ID : 416550256
Name : ReMoOo
kingdom : 122

Method of reducing construction time

There are two methods

1_ of research

2_ Alliance Points

I will show you the first way

1 Enter the Institute

2 After the intervention of the Institute in a vacuum on the names of the economy

3 With you, I returned to the research, reducing the speed of construction

All the speed of Starch has improved the length of your construction

The second way

1 by clicking on your profile

2 with income on talent points

3 by reducing the starch speed

The points of Tejek are raised from below to follow you

IGG ID : 416550256
المملكة : 122
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Warning has been issued  Warning

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Warning has been issued  Warning

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Im not getting my maintenance bonus, is there something im not seeing that i have to collect?

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"Attacking Castle"
If you wanna attack a castle, you should do these things first :
1. Upgrade your intelligent report,  this is important so before you attack a castle you have to scout that castle and when you upgrade your intelligent report,  you will know what that castle has clearly,  such as army amout,  wall HP,  defend,  traps,  etc.  After you know the report you have to prepare the attack
2.  Train your troops like infary,  cavalry,  shooter,  etc.  You have to make sure that the amount is enough to attack,  it means that your troops amount is bigger than the castle that you want to attack.  
3. It doesn't matter if you attack a bigger level castle than your Level castle,  the important thing that you know their weakness.  If your target has just troops 1, you can attack them with troops 2. And you are about to victory.  
4. You have to make sure that if you attack a castle your troops must be larger and bigger in amount If your troops are the same level with the target.  But if you have a bigger level troops,  you can use the amount about 20% bigger than the target.
5. Do not forget to use your heroes,  it is important so your attack would be deadly and you can beat the target easily.
6. Do not attack a stronger target,  because you'll lose and your might will be deCreased A lot.  
7. You have to make sure that you have enough resource to train your troops,  so you'll have a lot of troops to attack another castle.
8. Then upgrade your infimatiry (medic)  just to prevent of your troops get wounded or injuries,  if you have enough space of medic,  the wounded troops will be healed and they are about to come back to barracks.  
9. You can also choose and upgrade the items that have power and contribution to the troops,  like army DEF,  army ATK,  siege DEF,  siege ATK,  etc.  If you have those items well you just have more power to strike the target.
10. Last but not least,  be patient because all of those things need a lot of time if you want to get those perfectly.  When the time comes,  you will be satisfied and proud of your self.

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