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[Event] Lords Mobile Think Tank

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Bugün  lords mobile'de yaşanan hata yüzünden  tam 300 k askerim öldü ve bunun sebebi ise saldırı  aldığım  anda oyundan bağlantı koptu ve askeri saklayamadım.. Krallık kapıları açılırken bir sorun yaşandı asıl bakim ekibimiz konuyla ilgileniyor dedi ve ufak bir özür  sizce sizin vermiş olduğunuz ufak bir sorun benim kaybımı karşılayacakmı elimde ss ler var yöneticilerin bana ulaşmasını ve kaybımı karşılamanızı istiyorum  aksi taktirde yapmış olduğunuz oyunun ne kadar kalitesiz olduğunu ve karalama kampanyasını başlayacağım
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suggestion for a event a monster hunting event where guilds tag monster/monsters to lock it to there guild this way noone can steal them locks last for 5 minutes and monster hunts in a row are the same (reset by another atk) but monster hunt row is passed to ever member in that guild.

also a hero that decreases healing time would be a nice addition as we have no hero that does that yet

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Hi guys,  just a idea,  but why can't you stop bigger players from attacking smaller ones. Like I'm a level 11,  I can put a fight with attackers my level,  but seriously what chance do I have against a level 21, and if in a guild our higher rank players hardly get touched because they can attack and burn us smaller ones, I think should be a limit on the level players can attack,  like 3 above or below there level?

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I would like to suggest something in the next update, and all of my guildmates thinks this is a brilliant idea. While monster hunting, have a scale for how much energy you would like to use, rather than all or just one.

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Id 406673028 name cipri93

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I think the best thing for a newbie player to do when they start playing lords mobile is finding a guild with a might over 50,000,000 million  so that when other enemies scout you  out you can ask your guild members for help but the best think to do is us a relocator to move to the hive of your guild for better protection  builded up your castle as fast as you can in the mean when you most also have the army to back it up triangle as many soliders as you can try to research troop 3 and troop 4 they are the strongest soliders stack up on germs don't spend them foolishly because your going to need them later down in the game and also when you are short on resources there are many resource mine out side of your castle so collect as much as you can try and research all categories as much as you can to raise your might plus boots your army's strength and defense

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How to proper attack and defend ! This is the best guide.
Want to be the most successful attacker or be safe all the time ? Follow the steps written below:
     1.Training:Never stop training troops !Here is the advice for training: 10 infantry - 10 ranged - 10 cavalry - 1 - siege. (ex: 100k inf - 100k ranged  - 100k cav - 10k siege).If you don't have a balanced number of troops the enemy can take advantage and  you might lose the battle. Always have less siege than other types of troops because siege are useless after they destroy the wall. Also when you thinking to attack and enemy tile don't deploy your siege troops because your troops will be walking slower to the enemy's turf.
     2.Buildings: I highly recommend to build 6 Infirmaries (30%HP - lv25), 2 Barracks(20%def- lv 25) and 9 Manors( 18% atk - lv25). You will benefit of healing most of your troops involved into the battle, more survivability, high training speed, good atttack bonus and also 20% defense is nice to have it. 
    3.Hereos - Do hero stages everytime you can, promote your hereos and get the medals to hire and upgrading them.
    4.Gears : Choose the right gears if u have a balanced army by boosting the army defence army, army hp, or balance the bonuses of all of them by crafting the right gears.These are my tips for defensive set up.
   5.Preparing an attack: Always scout the enemy turf before to attack it.If the enemy has cavs and infantry choose to attack with ranged and cavs. Cavalry will counter the infantry and your ranged troops will counter the enemy's cavalry. Also don't forget to deploy right hereos before to attack the enemy's turf.You need to deploy cavalry hereos and ranged hereos. Also you have to equip the right gears which will boost your cavalry and ranged units into the battle. You can use other tricks like boosting your army attack, army size or army defense also u can random scout a turf to get the battle fury bonus, then you relocate near the enemy and attack him. I hope this little guide will help you. All the best !
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Yes thik tank that makes you learn about the game and different levels and things

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Hi guys,

I play this game about 1 year. I have stuff on stock what i cant use anymore. Stuff you need for lvl up altar, battle hall and experience or food for lvl up your heros.
Mý idea...
- the possibility to send it to other guildmembers
- sell it to others or to a bank
- trade it with others on a market

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