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Best Research and Construction Equipment

100% boost = Will take half the original time.
200% boost = Will take a third of the original time.
300% boost = will take a quarter of the original time.

Below is a list of the best equipment in the game as of 21 October 2016.

For your armor slot there are two pretty poor research pieces and one good construction item which are as follows:-
Lightning Guard (level 45) +20% construction (orange)
Cavalry Mail (level 35) 7% research (orange)
Terror Shield (level 60) +8% research (orange)

For your feet there is a single decent pair of research and construction boots:-
Gryphon Walkers (level 55) +17.5% research and 35% construction  (orange)

Main Hand
There is a standard construction main hand weapon and a good research piece:-
Terror Lash (level 55) +10% construction (orange)
Champion Edge (level 60) +15% research (orange)

Off Hand
There is a good construction off hand weapon, but a poor research piece:-
Vice Grips (level 40) +5% research (orange)
Gryphon’s Talon (level 45) +17.5% construction (orange)

Two fairly standard helms, one for research and one for construction:-
Neceros Mask (level 40) +10% construction (orange)
Wyrmbone Coronet (level 60) +10% research (orange)

Once you have a level 25 Workshop you can equip three accessories and luckily they have some of the best research and construction boosts in Lords Mobile.
The Luna Flute is the best research accessory and Sentinel’s Circlet is the best construction accessory (both level 40). However, the Lost Pocketwatch is a good balanced item offering both research and construction if you are short of materials.
Luna Flute (level 40)  26% research (orange)
Sentinel’s Circlet (level 40)   25% construction (orange)
Lost Pocketwatch (level 33)  11.5% research and 18% construction (orange)

Research Equipment

You should have maxed leader skills research I & II, adding a further 105% and maxed your academy, providing a further 25% boost.

Construction Equipment
You should have maxed leader skills construction I & II, adding a further 105% and maxed your construction research providing a further 70% boost.

By placing these pieces of equipment on at the start of each construction or research Will give you the shortest time. Remember you don't have to leave your equipment on the whole time your making something just at the start then you can remove your equipment and place on another. The time will not change. Also you can change your leaders for every more time. Hope this helps.

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A- Newbie guide - Thought this useful for game's NRU and NPU
Note : This is a fast leveling guide, not f2p guide but require minimum cash
You should do step by step by priority from level 1
1. Buy 30 days gifts pack > This will help you alot
2. Join a guild asap
3. Go for VIP 8 asap
4. Structure - Cos you buyed 30 days gifts pack, so you will have enough resources to build these : 
 - Castle go forward level 17
 - 3 Barrack 10, 3 Infirmary 10
 - Resources Building 6 or 7 is enough
 - Manor ~ 10, build it when you online
Rush castle to level 17 and troop Tier 3. This is where the game begin
5. Troop
 - First go 3000 brunts, 1000 Acher, 1000 Balista and 8000 Cataphact > go to Skirmish 6
 - 15000 gladiator and the rest > go to Skirmish 7
 - 15000 gladiator, 20k Sharpshooter and the rest > Go to Skirmish 8
6. Heroes
 - First get Incinerator, then Tracker and Black Crow
 - Go Clear map and get Child Of Light
 - Your team will be : Child Of Light, Incinerator, Tracker, Black Crow, Prima Donna
>> You can go to rank 300 in colloseum atleast.
 - Using this team to clear map, no need to enchanced.
 - First one to farming Medal is Trickster, rush he Gold ASAP and make he leader.
7. Talent Point
 - Just like another, go for Research and Contruct Speed, Training Speed. Reset it after Castle 25
8. Resources 
 - Cargo Ship
 - Alt Account or Farming other castle
 - Guild mates

Note again : Rush Castle 17 , T3 troop ASAP, then upgrade another Building later.

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  Before thinking how to burn other castles, think WHAT CASTLE will yours to be. In my view, i categorized castle in 4 (four);
1. OFFENSIVE CASTLE= this castle concentrate in ARMY/TROOPS abilities and powers. Maximize army capacity, forge gear that add attack and defense of troops. Build more manors to speed up troops creation. This castle good for burning castles.
2. DEFFENSIVE CASTLE= but i prefer to call it "TRAP CASTLE". This concentrates in WALL DEFFENSE, TRAPS POWER, AND FORGE GEAR that gives additional deffense on wall and traps. This not require high might and more troops. Its a trap... your castle will be your weapon.. how about that! They will send hundreds of soldiers in your castle but, none will return.. if there is, it will go to infirmaries. This is good for KILLING TROOPS.
3. NEUTRAL CASTLE= its the combination of attack and trap castle... boost both of them. ADVANTAGE, you can be anywhere of the two.DISADVANTAGE, You cannot use the full potential of your trap and your attacks. This is good for REINFORCEMENT.
4. FARM CASTLE= this castle concentrates in PRODUCTION OF RESOURCES, it has 5 types. Depends on what resources you want to produce more. A. Food castle B. Wood castle C. Stone castle D. Ore castle E. Gold castle. Make this castle if you had already built your main castle. This is good for RESOURCES SUPPORT.
Well thats all for now... ^__^
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Did any of you got rewards

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Yea I'd like a block button for guild boards. We have an annoying player who's been commenting on our guild board for over a month I'd like to block him from doing so. Thank you

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Newbie Guide.

First things first starting those little shiny gems are precious and will take you to the top with that in mind your gonna want to but packs if you can because of how much faster you can run threw the game but....... if your a poor fart like me sometimes that's just not in the cards lol first thing is your dedication to the game you get what you put in so with that in mind use your head yea we all came for the battle and the glory but you don't want to be the guy who gets put on people's hit list when you can't change your on diaper yet so start off slow get into a recommended guild refrain from using gems if your not going to buy packs personally I didn't worry about crafting equipment until I got my hero to level 40 because if you do it before your just going to burn up enough material to max it out for example you can have all rare gear gear and take off 3/4 of your construction or research people say Yert?!? How's that work that way .... calmly respond talent points on the talent point board especially starting out you just want to use enough points to unlock the next section except for a few here or there or if you really wanna go hardcore and have 4 farms to feed your main and your guild and to setup those would take a week if that . Rush it to castle 16 after you get it there demiolish all your resource makers except one (lumber mill , stone , ore , food ) and the food farm would probably be your MVP unit you get to castle +20 or higher due to high costing upgrades so talent points go down the right side max out construction and research after you get the second set unlocked stop there on the resources side and put the rest of your focus going all the way down the left side skipping everything until you get to troop trading speed 2 max it out then go back and max out the first troop training speed ... there's so many little tricks that make just using gems look stupid because I'm telling you a way to make a 60 day research turn into 20 haha and if your not good with numbers I'll break that down for ya gear+talent points =the same thing gems do and there's some peeps that just wants to get the battle gear and go berserk and hey I'm guilty of the crime but strongly recommend having a full research gear set and construction before you do that path research is what really makes you buildings don't help till you get it to lvl 25 oh but wait for each one you get there it cost 2k gems also so ... either keep 32 k gems put back for all your buildings upgrades to 25 or your gonna be mad sitting at 24 forever inches from t4 troops one last thing though for another golden rule ... always train troops work on upgrading your buildings and keep your research going no matter what and stay sheltered and set fake rally's if you have to not loosing a troop will be a huge gain not saying hide all the time... but there's people on here that will get $500 worth of packs just to come back and take your soul  shield if you can but don't put the 4-8 hour one on thinking that's gonna save ya ... well just try it .... strategy smarts use your head or your wallet and the crown is yours !!!

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How about you guys make a 12hr shield or 12hr rally preferably both. Most people dont sleep only 8hrs especially on a drunken night hahaha and cant afford 24hr shields all the time.

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TIPS FOR KvK.  When you go to gather send a full army with heros and use anti scout. You'll do lots of damage. just make sure you have enough beds to hold your army. Also too stay shielded the whole time while you do this and hunt monsters. You can complete solo just gathering and monster in kvk. Don't even have to kill any troops but why play a war game then. For atking biggest thing during kvk I'd to Remember you can't teleport out of kingdom while battle fury is active.  Happy hunting.
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Newbie# construction and research# hero stage#

If this your first time play this game there is some tips for you
Join to guild who has active member. Because more active member is more benefit you will got like reduce time on construction or research, more people help you for killing monster, sharing rss, being reinforce etc.

for the research part you should focus on monster hunt, economy and the last is military. you will get alot of good reward from monster hunt like speed up, rss pack, gems and any other usefull things. On the economy it will help you on rss production boost and some research conduct with gathering rss. And you have to remember dont you ever forget to research on food production im telling you that youll need it specially for new player because you will need rss to upgrading things. Why military is the last?  For military i sugest you only do that research till you get tier 2 or 3 for beat the skirmish chapter ( you may proceed more when the monster hunt and economy reach good level) For new player im not suggest you to make troops for raiding people, yes its a war game but this also strategic game so think before you act.
And for the construction first of all
dont forget to build farm. Why?  okay bro you need troops and rss to for upgrading, food is 1 of them. most people only build 1 farm so they can upgrade on any other building that require farm level and they know about the upkeep who can consume all of you food if the upkeep point is bigger than your food hr production. Thats why im telling you to research on food production and  you need to build some of them and make troops that can fit with your upkeep point. lets say  that your if you food production is 100k/hr then you have to make only  50k tier 2 troops or some like 30k tier 3 troops
Yeah thats not many but you still have troops for gather without losing any food as upkeep payment, "but i can use my packs" yeah you can but more lvl upgrading more ras you need for them soo keep it for latter, you can keep this farm until you get 15 or 16 mil might of your research. The sec things is  make troops that equal with your infarmary can hold so incase if you getting atack your troops wont die they just wounded. And additional tips for you dont rushing on your castle lvl if you already  reach lvl 17 specially for you who wants to get the watcher medals because more lvl of your castle more point you need to get stage 3 on hell event.

And for the hero stage
You need good combination to beat stage on campaign. There are 3 type of hero and monsters on campaign (magic, physic/ magic (tank) and physic (agility) ). Lords mobile provide information  about the hero and monsters on any hero stage take a look of that before you start, if the stage you fight is contain with magic demage hero then you need 1 tank hero with high magic def 2 hitter hero with physic(agl) 1 healer and 1 more support hero  with special ability like stunner or protection hero who can give def boost on your other hero. you will get high chance to beat the stage but you may lose to thats why use the ultimate of your hero in good timming and sont give up until you found the right combination and timming on it.

This is all bassed on my experience when play this game i have 2 accounts and already did the same things like what i wrote above
May this thread will help thanks so much
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Bugün  lords mobile'de yaşanan hata yüzünden  tam 300 k askerim öldü ve bunun sebebi ise saldırı  aldığım  anda oyundan bağlantı koptu ve askeri saklayamadım.. Krallık kapıları açılırken bir sorun yaşandı asıl bakim ekibimiz konuyla ilgileniyor dedi ve ufak bir özür  sizce sizin vermiş olduğunuz ufak bir sorun benim kaybımı karşılayacakmı elimde ss ler var yöneticilerin bana ulaşmasını ve kaybımı karşılamanızı istiyorum  aksi taktirde yapmış olduğunuz oyunun ne kadar kalitesiz olduğunu ve karalama kampanyasını başlayacağım