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Part 2: Attacking : Well we all know what comes next.... Attacks  is the most important part of the game ... War Game duh... I'm fooling around :) Now In attacking You need to have Some Troops Stacked If your  a new player like I said previously try rushing castle 17 to unlock t3 troops get them as soon as possible (ASAP). Now when you have a couple of random t2 and t3 mixed all  you need now is some gear ... When Attacking you need to change  your gear between your Construction /Research  and Attack gear... Now if you 2ant the best benefit of your Gear try Going for what you have stacked most or what you focus on for instance I'm a calvary/ranged person so I focus on those kinds of gear items...Try getting the as high grade you can :) Trust me it'll be worth not loosing  troops , resources  and might :) Another Thing Is Jewels ^-^ These are Attachments to your gear u can place e on each gear part . What I recommend  is  getting a green jewel  on your first then start working on blues and  etc...Jewels.have nice stats.. And Another thing for attacking that really gets in handy is when u scout  the person. You should read how much troops,Wall.hP., Defenses Backup , If you have more troops doesn't mean u might beat him. Try looking at his guild first . They could be high risky, another thing try looking at HIS profile and  do some research on the gear if he has his/her war gear or build gear :) When you get a bit stronger you'll have Formations that allow you to change  how your troops line up(Must Research it). If u do some  research  in barracks you can see the troops  Worst Nemesis  and best Target.. Not trying to do all the explaining but you'll get the hag of it :) Hope.you all have a fantastic  day :)
Hope this helps and stay Awesome
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Darknests are a relatively new feature to lords mobile, the darknest is a rally target for a guild to team up on and take down! Succeeding on a rally against a darknest, you will be rewarded with a dark essence, this can be transmuted in the transmution lab, after transmuting a dark essence, you get a reward, these rewards usually consist of resources or speed ups and so on. The higher level the darknest the harder it will become, and the more morale it has, so the harder they get you will find you need a bigger rally, better heroes and more higher tier troops, dont forget to leave around 1000 troop space for those that do not have higher tier troops to put in 1 troop so they still have the chance of getting an essence. After all, its a team effort! Darknests are usually made up of one or two types of troops such as ranged, cavlary and infantry, so it can make them easy to counter. However, some darknests prevent you from being able to get a successful scout report on them, making it difficult to know what you will require to attempt the nest, and what you are up against! The wall can also prove to be difficult as it usually tends to have a high wall health count, so be sure you send enough siege or you will lose too much morale on the wall, to render victorious at the end, resulting in defeat. Also note that as the darknests get harder the dark essences become higher level which will result in them giving much better rewards. The essences usually take either 3 or 8 hours to transmute!

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Priority research to focus on!
Research is a crucial and essential part of lords mobile, it is a great way of making a stable base might, the most important tiers of research to start off with are, monster hunting and the economy. Putting time into the monster hunt research will help you DRAMATICALLY, this is because when you hunt monsters, they usually drop useful items such as speed ups, gems, resources, or materials to make event gear which can later benefit you through war stats, or production such as construction speed and research speed or eve resource gathering, also successfully killing a monster, you will receive a guild gift which will usually contain a random item, killing monsters and opening guild gifts increase the amount of keys you get, this leads into a guild gift which gives you and your guild a special helpful item. The higher level the monster is the more energy it will cost to hunt it, but this cost can be reduced via research in the monster hunting, however the higher level usually reward you with better items making it worth while. For the economy it would be most beneficial for you to focus on the construction research, gathering speed, and vault management. The construction research decreases the time it takes to build the in your turf. While the gathering speed decreases the time it takes for your troops to gather resources like ore, stone, wood, food and gold for researching and building to develop your account! Where as the vault management increases the amount of resources can be kept safe in your vault! While putting your focus into these two type of research tiers, be sure to put some time into defenses and military so you are a harder target, if you do these you are sure to grow at a steady might!

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Research gear!

This is a guide to help you craft the best load out of research gear in the game.
Electric lance, this is a weapon from the noceros set, it adds 1.5% research speed at common, 2.5% at uncommon, 4% at rare, 6% at epic and 10% at legendary, this is fairly easy to make, but can be tedious to upgrade.

Cavlary Mail chest piece, now this is not a piece of even gear, and it also does not add as much research speed as people would like, however it is the highest research adding chest piece in the game yet, it adds 0.7% at common, 2.1% at uncommon, 3.5% at rare, 4.9% at rare and 7% at legendary.

Vice grips offhand, these too are not a piece of even gear, however they are easy to make and add decent %, at common they add 0.5%, at uncommon they add 1.5%, at rare they add 2.5%, at epic they add 3.5% and at legendary they add 5%.

Gryphon walkers, these are a piece from the gryphon set, they can prove to be tedious to upgrade but are worth it as they also add construction, at common they add 2.8%, 5.45% at uncommon, 8.25% at rare, 11.5% at epic and 17.5% at legendary.

Lunar flute, this is not a piece of event gear and is probably one of mthe most important pieces of gear to craft common adds 2.5%, 8% at uncommon, 13% at rare, 18% epic and 26% at legendary.

And finally the wyrmbone coronet, this is part of the jade wyrm set, and is fairly difficult to make, and not to mention needing max level to use it, however i believe ot is the only helmet that adds research, starting at 1.5% at common, 2.5% at uncommon, 4% at rare, 6% at epic, and 10% at legendary.

I really hope these guides have helped so far; send me some mails if you want me to do some on other topics, enjoy!

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Newbie guide :
                        Good afternoon,Chances are your new to the game and looking for quick tips on how to raise your might as quick as possible .now ,as a newbie to the game you get a shield to protect you from attacks .but it doesn't last forever ,so use it up !. What do I mean ? Build as much as you can ,train as much as you can .these are the quickest ways to gain light along with researching .
-getting into a guild in the game isn't that hard ,but to get into a powerful guild that will be able to defend itself from other guilds ,you'll need to have an it or might for them to access to you , after all no one is here to babysit you

-as a newbie ,getting those building and researches done quickly is your primary goal ,now with your VIP level accordingly you will be Granted free instant upgrade ,this saves a bunch of time and also aids with your resource production and many other as you level up .you can squire VIP points by logging in consecutively or buy purchasing points in the shop

-don't train your troops and just have them sitting at base ,send them out to gather those resources that you find hardest to get .this is power move that aids significantly with resources .the strongest players on the game still practice this ,and the more troops you have in your turf ,the more resources you can carry

-guilds are important if you want to survive this game ,especially As a newbie . Guild members can aid in projects ,speeding up by a minute per player .they allow for rallies ,reinforcement ,Garrisons and even supple drops . Plus the older players on the rally are more than willing to give the newcomers tips on how to play the game

-as. Newbie ,you may want to go around seeing what Bae feels like ,well don't !.at this stage you want to try to decrease the amount of enemies you have .more enemies will cause you to be constantly healing soldiers and losing resources .

-lastly ,keep an eye on events and monsters ,because a lot of times they will drop some great loot that would definitely aid in your development and most of all enjoy the game !

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How To Be A Millionaire!

A. Newbie Guide

Honestly being a beginner in the game can be very overwhelming without any   
knowledge of what you're getting into which is what I hope to ratify in this guide!

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions on global there are many good people out there willing to share their knowledge and or opinions about certain topics if you're confused you could always gain knowledge from visiting the news tab as many of you should be aware of, if not Youtube or the forums contain much valuable information to ease the experience.
  • As you begin the game you will be prompted with the in game tutorial that of which will teach you the basics, pay attention as it explains much needed information to succeed after the tutorial you will be prompted by the in game assistant to continuously upgrade buildings keep doing so, you always want to have an upgrade/research going for free to play players this is the go-to way to success.
  • If you plan to join a guild through global look at the guilds and read their diplomacy board it'll display any information about the guild or any alliances/NAPS (None Aggression Pacts between guilds).
  • The guild is designed to have 5 ranks or R1-R5 who each have responsibilities to tend to, the rank 1 and 2 members have little to no privileges but do not be wary earning the rank 3s-5s respect will help increase your status in the guild, rank 3s are in charge of keeping order between rank 1s and 2s and are able to promote rank 1s to 2s, rank 4s are considered (co-leaders) they adhere most likely to accept members and keep charge of the guild, they are honorary members and are able to affect the guild drastically as they maintain order while the rank 5 is off.
  • Your selected leader will not impact your stats for example Battle Skills will always be effective as long as you meet the criteria for each hero, leaders are selected based upon your liking to them.
  • If you decide to gather resources never leave your troops out and log out there is a higher risk that someone will tile-hit you and the troops caught outside your castle won't go into the infirmary.
  • On the down-low purchasing packs from the gem mall not only help you but your guild mates out if I recommend a pack it would be the 30-Day Supply Chest, just make sure to collect your items daily when your reset timer ticks, this time can be found under your VIP Quest tab.
  • Always, and I mean always shelter your leader and troops!!!

B. Construction and Research

The fundamentals to gaining might and all that moneyy!

  • Always have Construction and Research going this is invaluable to all players as it will not only increase your raw might as well as giving many perks there is no "right way" to doing these just go with what you feel is necessary but do not slack off you will pay dearly as these two fundamentals to growth go together like bread and butter.
  • If I am to recommend any research for any player go for Monster Hunt as monsters can drop many valuable resources from gems, to shields to segments for craftable armor that boost certain skills for example. (Travel Speed, Army Attack). This research category is an exceptional must-have for any free to play players.

There are building types such as these:
  • Castle: Displays information such as wall strength, health and traps, max army size determines how many troops can be deployed, note in total you can only store 210,000 troops with a castle 25 and a Rank 8 Hero (I will talk about hero ranks momentarily)
  • Barracks: Train troops different kinds from T1 troops to T4 troops separated by troop type, such as Infantry, Cavalry, Siege, and Ranged.

  1. (Infantry)- Are great against ranged and siege but are weakest against cavalry and defenses
  2. (Ranged)- Are great against cavalry and siege but are weak against infantry and defenses
  3. (Cavalry)- Are great against infantry and siege but are countered by ranged and defenses
  4. (Siege)- Are great against defenses only and are countered by infantry, ranged and cavalry.

  • Vault: The vault is used to protect resources, take note a level 25 vault will protect gold any lower will only protect the other resources any resources under this limit will be highlighted with yellow on the tabs to the far right if an item is highlighted with yellow it means your limit has been exceeded and you are able to lose your excess resources by attackers.
  • Infirmary: House wounded troops only take note if your troops in the infirmary exceed injured troops the remaining "injured" troops will be dead no way possible to regain them so keep your infirmaries leveled up well.
  • Academy, and Workshop: Are some of the most important buildings and are necessary to progress and succeed the academy is where you will be spending most of your hard work from harvesting other players and tiles save up for the big upgrades as they will not get cheaper. The workshop is a tool that'll help the player construct armors and accessories invaluable to the players progression they assist with minor tasks or can help speed up the process for players.
  • Trading Post and Embassy: These two buildings allow players within a guild to share resources or house troops be wary of the tax limit as it will reduce the resources supplied drastically.
  • Battle Hall, Prison, Treasure trove and Altar: These buildings help with doing rallies, investing gems, capturing enemy leaders and executing them for bonuses. (I will briefly touch on these buildings later) 
  • Resource buildings: As the title suggests they gather resources for the player of which can be used, shared between guild-mates or lost to attackers.

C. Hero Stages
It's time to round up heros!

  • Hero Stages- Function as a way to grind for exp for heros, understand your max achievable hero level is based upon your player level, now heros vary to each other and have abilities that help boost attack damage to research speed and even production of an item, their raw strength is based on level, rank and their medals from common to legendary tiers.
  • Trophies allow you to rank up your heros and ususally have a level requirement before that item can be equipped, filling out the tabs will result in the player being able to promote their hero which in turn influences their battle skills and furthermore increase their raw strength, this is achieved through the Elite hero stages, gain the required amount of badges and you can promote your leader.
  • To gain a new hero you must meet certain requirements such as completing the level in normal mode in the hero stage then 3 crowning each stage this will allow the player to sweep stages and have a chance of gaining medals, 10 are required to hire a hero, 20 to get them from common to uncommon tier, 50 from uncommon to rare, 100 from rare to epic and 150 from epic to legendary.
  • Challenge mode allows the player to not only gain more exp but you will be allowed to gain gems as well by beating certain challenges meeting the criteria.

D. Guild Battles/ Guild Fest
The bread and butter that churns the kingdom and it's future leaders!

  1. War For Wonders: Most commonly known as the war for control of the kingdom, be wary strong players are all out for blood and the title of overlord in the kingdom, the war for wonders proves the kingdoms strengths and shows who has the power to rule them all, the overlord is selected after the base is held for the specified time, whenever an overlord is selected "leader of the guild that won WFW" this player is able to assign titles to players within the kingdom, can pardon all prisoners in the kingdom and is allowed to leave kingdom-wide messages for all the players to view.
  2. Battle Royal: Probably the toughest of the tough duke it out for title of the emperor of the game, this player is overall always castle 25 as they are the only ones allowed to join the battleground the champion here is awarded with gems, accessories, resources and can anoint their own titles to any kingdom and specific players, our current emperor is Bren Chong totaling a whopping +11 Billion Might!!
  3. Darknests: See these as extra rewards beating them will give the player essence and you are only allowed to rally these, so being in a guild is necessary to accomplish this, you will gain things from gems, to resources, and speed ups!
  4. Guild Fest: A 7 day event usually after KvK in which you must work with your guild to succeed and claim glamorous rewards posted all in the news tab! Be wary and keep an eye on attackers!
  5. KvK: This event is featured usually before guild fest and will determine the overlord, but the only difference is 1 or more kingdoms are battling for supremacy and leadership not to mention the gems your kingdom will be awarded for victories, be wary players sometimes tile hit, so again do not leave troops gathering without monitoring them as they will not go to the infirmary only die.

E. Troops:
The impeccable driving force for supremacy, troops win wars and die for their leader rest in peace.

  • Troops range from infantry, ranged, cavalry and siege, and each have their own pros and derps. Determining what troops you want can ultimately make you or break you, having some of each troop can guarantee success against attackers be aware of their equipment though for this may change the outcome, you can still be demolished by a weaker player with serious strategy.
  • Ultimately troop's weaknesses and strengths can be overcome by shear number or research having a strong setup can lead to success so coordinate as much as possible and study attackers if their setups are similar then you could always find a way to repel their attacks, usually players tend to go with cavalry over any other troop for their overall skills! :) 
  • Heros can also play a role on improving certain troop damage, defense, health, and much more placing said heros on the wall can lead to victory against certain attackers for example (placing leaders with high range damage will drastically improve attacks against cavalry and siege).

F. Attacking Castles: 
Hold on there don't attack anyone you know you won't beat, try not to start wars!!

  • Similar with how heros are setup on the wall heros sent to attack will provide your troops specific skills for example more damage, health and defense, you always want to scout anyone you're unsure you can beat, also be wary for stronger members can store troops in their castles to repel your attacks.
  • When tackling hives, stalk your prey look for any allies of theirs nearby and don't forget to scout so you don't lose all your hard work and precious troops.
  • Many guilds won't like to be attacked "obviously" so be sure you are prepared, so it's best to attack un-guilded players as they can provide easy kills, resources or leaders that can be executed for bonuses as long as your prison is level 17 for an altar to sacrifice leaders, please note you can only execute leaders as long as the castle is +17 any lower and you'll only be able to hold and ransom the leader for gold.
  • Use any boosts to speed up troops this can seriously speed up raids or get to someone who is about to be reinforced by doing so you can achieve a victory, also take note attacking anyone will give you a debuff in which you won't be able to shield for a given amount of time based on your castle level.

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How to Power level to Castle level 25

A lot of new players to Lords Mobile find their progress is hampered due to constant attacks from high level players.  This can be off putting, leaving you to feel at a signinfincant disadvantage to more established players.
I’m putting together a series of guides aimed at power levelling your Castle to max level. If you are under lv23 try and use this guides to the T this will help you get to Lv 25. If you are lv23 or 24 you can uses this as a informational learn guide to help you if there is something you dont understand. The stratgey used means you don’t have to worry about constantly being wiped out by high level players.
Whilst Castle level isn’t everything, it does open up access to level 25 buildings with all the extra bonuses that go with them. Castle level 25 also gives you the largest march size in the game which will help the guild in raids or rallies. It also allows you to unlock all the research in the game.

Step 1: Our Guild

Your sole purpose is to power level to 25 as quickly as possible in a semi-passive role. Helping your guild mates in wars, or counter attacks will slow your progress down considerably.
you have join an active guild. To help you get to lv25 we have a bank. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR RESOURCES!!Once you have reached Lv 23and24 focus on building a T3 army. Once you get to level 25 that is the time to look for you to start helping your guild in raids and counterattacks and if you wish to take a more active role.
For levelling all we are using the guild for is:
Guild helps to speed up buildings & research.
Guild quests for resources, materials and experience.
Gifts for extra resources, speed ups and items.

Step 2: Turf Layout

For your resource buildings I have these lists. Pick one that works for best in you Situation. All the pure rss are if you are going to hyper a rss. If your not hypering gold you need to have more infirmary's then manors to be able to hold your entire army once you reach level 25.

Resource Building Basics

Before you get going it’s a good idea to understand how production and storage works. Total resource storage is actually just as critical in deciding what you should build as production rates. Resource production rates can easily be increased with leader boosts and items, but your total storage capacity can only be increased from buildings.
Storage capacity acts a resource soft cap at which point all your production halts. I call it a soft cap because you can actually hold an unlimited amount of each resource, but once you go over your the soft cap all of your production for that resource stops.
Why does this matter?  Well in the beginning it doesn’t really matter too much, but towards the end game you will find that the soft cap kicks in at a very low resource level. In fact most of your farms become useless at level 20+ unless you specialize.
I’ll run through some build examples and you can see why.

Beginners Build

A beginners build which works very well for new players is to build 4 lumber mills, 4 mines, 4 quarries and 10 farms. This provides you with a smaller, but steady income of timber, ore & stone, plus a decent supply of food to support your army without going into negative food production.
The reason you want to prevent negative food production is that once you get into the higher research and building upgrades, most of your resources will come from gathering. If you have negative food production you will be constantly losing food. When you are trying to save up 10 million + of each resource, fighting negative food is a pain in the ass.
This is especially true if you are saving up resources over a number of days for an upgrade.  Imagine you go to bed after a day’s gathering and wake up with zero food and have to gather all over again – that’s what negative food production will do to you.i will remind you if you go below zero food this will not hurt your troops and you DONT LOSE TROOPS you will just have zero food. It's not a big deal.
If you remain in positive, or even just break even, food becomes just like the remaining three resources. You will be able to keep what you gather and at least make progress towards the next upgrade.
This is my recommended build for a new player up to level 20.

Balanced Set Up

With 22 tiles you can’t actually build a completely balanced resource building layout. Let’s say for example you go for 6 farms, 6 mines, 5 quarries and 5 lumber mills. This might seem sensible to new players as you would be correct in thinking that you need all four resources to progress in Lords Mobile.
When all 22 buildings are at max level this will give you the following storage capacities:-
17.25 million food.
11.5 million timber.
10.35 million ore.
11.5 million stone.
This sounds like a lot now, but it really isn’t once you hit the end game. Research will regularly cost you over 100 million in each resource. You will hit these soft caps very quickly at which point all your production will halt.
In addition trying to maximize your production boosts across four different resources will be very inefficient. A balanced setup is generally a poor build.

Hyper Timber, Ore, or Stone gold or food

You always need at least one of each building to upgrade your other buildings (until you have maxed out every building anyway). Therefore three of your tiles will be taken up with the other buildings and 19 spare for hypering as we call it hypering timber, stone or ore resource building layout.
Now let’s look at the storage capacities of each max build:-
Timber 43.7 million.
Ore 32.78 million.
Stone 43.7 million.
By specializing in one resource you can boost your capacity 3 to 4 times more than a balanced setup and you will be able to boost your production rate in that resource significantly higher.
This set up works well for guild resource groups, where a group of players each specialize in a single resource. They can then share the resources around. It also works great for alt or farm account; a second account you can setup purely to send resources to your main account.
It’s not actually a great build for a new player, or if you want to be self reliant whilst levelling. This is because food becomes a serious problem as your increase the size of your army (which I will explain in the next build).
If you are not hypering gold make sure you have 3 barracks 8 or 9 infirmary and the rest manors. This will benefit you when you reach level 25 to cover your army in the future.

Level 23-25 Setup

Once you actually get to a point where you start making a army. You will need to change again.
Now food becomes pointless, because whatever you do you will always have very high negative food production. Food will need to come from items, guild members,Cargo Ship, or your own farm accounts.
Once this happens it’s time to switch back to one of the pure stone, iron or timber setups or a balanced of each resources excluding food. Example: 1 farms, 7 mines, 7 lumber mills and 7 quarries.
For you urban buildings go for 3 barracks,8 infirmary's and the rest manors. This will provide you with enough barracks to train the troops you need and enough infirmary beds for the troops you are going to need once you hit lv25. The manors will be purely for gold production.

Step 3: Building Upgrades

The key strategy for a Lords Mobile power level account is to only upgrade the direct and indirect building requirements needed for your Castle. All other buildings upgrades can be ignored until they are needed.
Every Castle level require your Castle Walls to be upgraded first and at least one other building.
Your Castle Walls always require your Workshop, which in turn requires your Mines. Therefore every new Castle level you should always upgrade the following buildings first:-
Mines  >  Workshop > Castle Walls.
This leaves you with one other building which you will need to bring up to your Castle level (including any requirements for that building). The requirements for each level can be seen on our Castle Upgrade page here.
You can ignore all other buildings (the exception being the Treasure Trove which I will come to next).

Step 4: Gems

I will just quickly mention gems at this point, because it is very important you do not spend any gems until you have saved up at least 10,000. Now as this is a free to play account the only gems you will get will be from guild gifts, VIP chests, the colosseum and from monsters. You will find you also get a good number of gems every time the game is down for maintenance.
The reason you need to save 10,000 gems is because you need these to invest in your Treasure Trove as soon as you unlock it. 10,000 gems is the minimum investment you can make and provides the biggest source of free gems in the game.
Ideally you want to have 10k saved up for when you first unlock your Treasure Trove at level 17 for immediate investment. The rest of your gems should be used to buy crystal pickaxes to upgrade your Treasure Trove further (but not until you have invested the first 10k).

Step 5: Troops and Traps

One of the biggest time sinks for the majority of new players are troops. Not just the initial resource cost and time to train, but also the healing cost and troop replacement cost after a battle. In our power level guide we will only train the minimum number of troops needed to unlock all the additional areas of your turf.
You will not use troops for any of the following:-
Attacking other players.
Gathering on resource tiles.
Reinforcing guild mates.
Joining rallies.
Once you unlock Tier 2 troops just keep training troops until you have enough to take out each stage. Make sure your infirmary capacity is always higher than your troop numbers.this is also a rule of thumb until you get over a million troops then it can't be done.
If you get attacked whilst you are building up your army just let your troops go to your infirmary and don’t revive them. You can then revive all your troops in one go just before you plan to attack one of the single player levels.
Remember that you can attack each level multiple times to slowly eat away at the defending troops. Once you have unlocked all the areas stop training troops completely and leave them in your infirmary.
Traps are even easier – don’t build any full stop!
Once you hit lv23-24 start looking into rss for your army's and unlocking T3. So when you hit lv25 you have T3 and can focus on upgrading your troops (attack defense health)

Step 6:  Resources

By now you might be wondering how you will get enough resources in Lords Mobils to upgrade all your buildings and keep your research going 24/7 without gathering at all.
You will get a small amount of the ore, lumber and stone from your mines, quarries, lumber mills. You should get a fairly large amount of food from your farms due to the setup mentioned in Step 2.
However, this will be nowhere near enough to get to level 25. WE HAVE A BANK ASK FOR RSS!! The rest of your resources will come from your Cargo Ship. I cannot stress enough how good the Cargo Ship is at providing resources. You should be able to stock pile millions of each resource. Best of all, any resources you exchange in the Cargo Ship are sent to you as “resource items” which cannot be stolen!
The rules for the Cargo Ship are as follows:-
If you see an exchange of resources for the same type e.g. stone for stone, take the exchange whatever the rating.
If you see an exchange that costs food in return for any other resource, including gold, then take the exchange whatever the rating.
A two, or three star exchange between stone, lumber or ore should be taken up. However, only accept a one star if you are very low on the resource you will receive.
Only ever accept a three star exchange that rewards food. Ignore one and two stars.
You can accept two, or three star exchanges that reward gold provided you have a decent stockpile of the resource you are exchanging with.
If you follow the above rules you will find you slowly start to stockpile large amounts of all the resources. Because of your farm layout and lack of troops, you should rarely find you run out of food. This is why you should always take up all the food offers.
Step 7 :Leader Talent Points & Equipment

Your talent point leader spec in Lords Mobile is fairly straight forward for this build. You need to max the following skills using the minimum amount of points to get to each one:-
Construction Speed I
Research I
Construction Speed II
Research II
Food Production III
Gold Production III
This will give you the fastest construction and research times and boost food production for all those Cargo Ship exchanges.  Gold production III is the final skill to help increase your gold supplies for research.
For equipment you should follow my research and construction equipment guide. This covers the perfect equipment setup for your power levelling account.
Step 8: Research

There is not a lot of research needed for this guide. The core research includes:-
Construction Speed- don't need to max
Tier 2 Troops
Tier 3 Troops- AFTER lv23-24
Troop research (attack defense health)
Monster Hunt III-AFTER LV25
If you get these as high as possible you will reduce your construction timers further, have the right troops to unlock all areas of your turf.
Once this is complete I would suggest unlocking Tier 3 troops and then trying to max out as much of military trees as possible.  Whilst not a requirement for this power levelling guide, you will need both completely maxed when you eventually go for tier 4 troops.

Step 9: Leader Protection

Losing your leader is probably the most damaging thing that can happen to your account. It significantly reduces your building and research upgrade speeds, which slows your progress to Castle level 25 down considerably.
The simple way to protect your leader is to send him to your shelter on a 12 hour timer. You will need at least one troop to do this and I suggest sending a single tier 1 troop each time you send your leader to the shelter.
You need to log in at least twice a day in order to keep your leader in the shelter 24/7.
There will probably be times when you forget to do this and will inevitably lose your leader to another player. If the ransom is low it may be worth paying. Otherwise just wait it out until your leader is released, or executed. If the later happens then purchase a revial fruit from the guild shop.
During the time your leader is captured, try to choose low research and build timers. This is because you never know when your leader will be released. You will be kicking yourself if you just started a 5 day timer and your leader is released shortly after, possibly shaving days off your construction and research timers!

Step 10: Guild Helps

Once you have a decent stock pile of resources from step 6 of this guide, you will find the biggest constraint on leveling is time. Reducing those lengthy build timers plays a vital role in our journey to Castle 25.
Before upgrading each building you should make sure your leader is wearing all your best construction speed equipment to get the maximum time reduction. If you have any questions which is the best look at best equipment research and construction on the notes on this chat room. After you hit upgrade the next thing to do is wait until you have received all your guild helps.
It is very important to wait for your helps before using a single speed up to optimize your build times. This is because a guild help reduces the remaining timer by 1% for each help. Therefore if you use speed ups first, your guild helps will provide much smaller time reductions.
Once all your helps have been received you are free to use speedups to get those timers down further.

Step 11: Speed Ups

A lot of speed ups are needed in order to get to castle 25 within 3 months. We need to look at some of the best free methods of gaining speedups in Lords Mobile below.
Hero stages – Always complete your full entitlement of hero stages every day. Each stage usually rewards you with either a 5 minute or 10 minute speed up, which adds up significantly over time.
Attack Monsters – Attacking monsters on the map with your heroes often rewards speedups. The higher the level monster, the more chance of longer speed ups. Level 3 monsters should be achievable through research without too much investment in the monster hunter tree.
Cargo Ship – look for normal 2 and 3 star speed up rewards in the cargo ship. Remember that research speed ups can’t be applied to building upgrades.
Guild Gifts – these should supply you with at least one, or two speed ups a day. If not move guilds.
Guild Shop – Only purchase 3 hour speedups in the guild shop as they offer the best value per guild coin.
VIP – Do not waste speedups by taking your timer below the auto complete timer, determined by your VIP level.
Gems – It’s not generally a good idea to spend gems on speedups on a free to play account. They are very expensive and you are better using gems to upgrade your Treasure Trove.

If you follow all the steps in this power level guide you should be able to easily get to Castle 25 within 3 months, without purchasing any gems. This is a completely self sufficient method that doesn’t rely on alt accounts, your guild, or even defending yourself with troops.
Once you have everything setup and your whole turf unlocked, you should be able to login two, or three times a day to do the following:-
Shelter your leader.
Use your STA to auto complete hero stages.
Check your Cargo Ship deals.
Start/speedup building upgrades.
Use up your hero energy on monster attacks.
Collect guild gifts/helps.

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Lords Mobile is a new MMORTS by IGG, or I Got Games, the company best known for Clash of Lords 2 and Castle Clash. This one is unique in that you can conquer more and more territory as you get stronger, and then build upon that territory to enhance the power of your kingdom. Then, because this is an MMORTS, you and other players join guilds and battle it out for dominance, while collecting resources. Read on for some tips and tricks for Lords Mobile!

You should train as many troops as possible; however, also, your food production should be increased proportionally. Food production should always be kept higher than wood, stone, ore and gold production so that you can feed your troops. As you get more land, build more and more farms, and take over external farm tiles to gather more food and enhance your numbers even further.

Scouting is paramount for battles because it will tell you who to take with you, and what troops to leave at home. Usually, though, it will be best to take all of your troops with you, especially for as close battle, as above all, this is a numbers game. Always make sure that troops are in training, so that you can constantly enhance your power.

Join a guild as soon as you can. When you know that your guild is “the one”, then use your novice relocator to move your kingdom closer to that of your guild members. Be sure that they are active, and that they won’t kick you out, before you move your kingdom though, or that could make for either an awkward situation, or simply a wasted relocator.

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Newbie Heroes
It's easy. By every character is written against what is strong and weak. Choose your hero ant there at the right side is a parchment, which shows attributes. Click on ​​above where are Basic Attributes and there you can see everything. These characters, whose have a high DEF, are strong against physical attacks, while those with high MDEF are against magic. If you pick a hero to those of the enemy a chance to win gets double. Of course, important is also the rank of the hero and his/hers color.Here is an example. Rose Knight has a high MDEF and a lot of blood, which means you have to fight with characters that make high PATK (psychic attack). If you beat fast tanks in battle at the Coliseum rest will be easier. The most balanced and preferred tank is Rabbit. In it there is almost no difference between MDEf and DEF (PDEF) so it is the preference battles in the Coliseum.

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Attacking and Defending
When you are attacking, it is important to scout them first. Use the scout report to find out what troops they have. When you have that figured out, do not just send all your troops, but rather send the troops that counter their troops. You can find this information in the barracks. Attacking smart will minimize casualties for you.
When someone is attacking you and you know you can not beat them, just shelter your troops and your leader. It is important to always have traps at your wall and to have lots of wall HP. Another thing that will greatly help you is ALWAYS make sure your infirmary capacity is higher then you army, so that when you are attacked your troops get send to the infirmary instead of dying. When you are offline you should always shelter your leader and troops.