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[Bug] Don't fall for new lottery

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Posted on 2017-02-02 18:57:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Same way with the Battle Fury update, many complained, and Complained.
now everyone has adapted to live to it. this is the reality of the game. i wish it was more F2p honestly; but its not.

So if you would like to see some change don't bitch and complain. Bring up Suggestions, Developers always want fresh Ideas to make their Game better.
We play their Games everyday. We know what we would like; Don't make them guess tell them. Maybe they will see yours and for the next update they make it will be more F2p favored.

Developers listen more to Positive and Constructive Feed back. if you want to help change the Game, be a positive & Constructive Voice for them to hear.

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Posted on 2017-02-02 20:44:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

Dumping Gems means nothing if you didn't purchase the Gold Pack to unlock the Elite Monster to my knowledge.

I haven't dumped my gems into the monster because I figured you'd only get the jackpots if you dumped your gems into the Elite Dragon, not the regular one.

By all means, please tell me I'm wrong... (With Proof) so I can go gamble the little gems I have & let that determine whether I uninstall or keep playing.  :O

Posted on 2017-02-03 03:13:28 | Show thread starter's posts only

I am too a bit disappointed with this update. I bought a few stars and hit the monster many times. I have stopped and yesterday saw a player win 25Mil gems. 15 seconds after he won i searched for him and his guild and they were nowhere to be found. So i dont know how someone who won 25m gems and 15 seconds later doesnt exist and the guild also doesn't exist.

*thinking face

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Posted on 2017-02-04 07:54:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

I just would like to know when they will add or invent a feature which is for old players who play and pay their game. An aniversary gift for example or discounts based on months played or anything.
Old and new alike gain the sam benefits and bonuses etc only the playtime differ :-(

Posted on 2017-02-04 09:06:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

People can not be found after they won the jackpot because they get tired receiving so many mails from other players. My guildmate won once and received 100 mails in 15 minutes. Half of the mails were accusations of hacking or working for IGG and the other half were players begging for free gems :angel:

Posted on 2017-02-04 15:49:30 | Show thread starter's posts only

I poured a good 5k gems into it and got a nice stack of gold in return lol, this isn't meant to help F2P players get T4 it's a big money drainer for the heavy spenders, Bren has probably dumped hundreds of thousands of gems into it, not to mention all the stars he gets directly from the packs, and he's won 11 mil gems last time I checked, you'll notice it's just the big Titans winning the jackpot, best thing F2P players can hope to win from it is nice loot from simply taking your free hit at the frostwing each day

Posted on 2017-03-14 08:37:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

I haven't even seen boss once.  I wouldn't say scam but like most lotteries you probably wont win.

Posted on 2017-03-14 08:41:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

this is a good point basically if you win the lottery you will be stronger than everyone else who spent time on the game.   They should nerf the lottery to where you don't win so much probably.

Posted on 2017-03-14 11:52:56 | Show thread starter's posts only

It's like any other lottery. There will always be a winner, but it's never going to be you ;)

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Posted on 2017-03-14 23:38:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ok, so some player wins 20mil gems, then what?

Troops is only one part, to be able to rule the kingdom you need the gear, heroes and members behind you to run the kingdom. These F2P players or whatever winning these gems still need to drop at least 10grand into the game to get anything decent stat wise.

Im not to worried about the jackpot winners, just jealous as i want a share :p