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[News] Be a Broadcaster!

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Lords Mobile Player Video Contest

Transform your knowledge into Gems!
Whether it is a Newbie guide or a KVK live stream, you can get yourself tons of Gems! All you need to do is record a gameplay video of one of the topics below to win up to 100K GEMS! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!
Event Duration: Nov.22nd. 2016 - Nov.30th. 2016 PST
Newbie guide video (Min 5 mins):
1.Guild feature introduction
2.Resource gathering & Monster hunt
3.Hero Trials
Selected: 10K Gems
Qualified but unselected: 2K Gems
KvK video (Min 10 mins):
Video only
Video + narration
Video + Facecam + narration
Selected: 10K/50K/100K respectively
Qualified but unselected: 2K Gems
Tip: This round's KvK will be on Nov.26 from 00:00 until 23:59 (GMT-5)
1.All videos must be uploaded to YouTube. Enter the link to your video to the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/7RCjGcfoQgxUbndG2
2.This event is open to all Lords Mobile players.
3.There is no limit to how many submissions you may enter.
4.All submissions must be in English.
5.Any video submissions that do not include narration may not have any music other than the Lords Mobile game music.
6.All entries must be original content. Any plagiarized work will be disqualified.
7.By submitting the link to your video, you accept that IGG may use it, download it, and distribute for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
8.IGG reserves the right to final interpretation of this event, its rules, and its rewards as well as free use of all video submissions.
The Lords Mobile team will review the videos and contact you if your submission is a winner of one of the prizes specified above. All winners will be announced in a forum thread along with the links to their videos within one week after the event ends. All rewards will be sent within 3 days after the winners are announced.
New to recording videos? Check out our guide: 
Tips: When recording in the world map, tap the button on the bottom left corner to hide icons for a higher-quality video.

Lords Mobile
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Hey, does KvK vidoes only works for the upcoming KvK or does old KvK videos work ? Thanks

Armec13 on Youtube, makes Lords Mobile videos
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Only 5 Topics?

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I need gems

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Rancher hero is very goof

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I want to clear things up before I get into this project. What kind of file format and what kind of video do you want this contribution to be? Does it need to be strictly a gameplay video or could it be an animation? These questions help me figure out which software to use and what kind of video editing I need to do in order to make this  game play guide a good game play guide.

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How do we know if we were selected and when will we get the gems and noticication of selected ?

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Ghostly Gaming
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What can i do to receive promo codes