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Posted on 2016-11-13 07:25:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

For those of you just starting lords,here are a few tips,tricks and guidelines!

Be aware that money plays a tremendous role here but for those not aquanted with the system ill help you.
As a new player you will need to read the news,get some basic info on the news board by clicking the little weapons or soldier on screen.
Once you have done the school of barbarian learning head over to the other news info and events that are on display.please note that not all castle levels can do sertain events.
Now the best way is to spend your leveling perks to resource gain and research and building speeds for a quick way to speed up and also notemthat vip points also help with the early stages and saves you time.
If you want to spend money for the benefit of a clan p!ease do so as to increase your resources and materials.in your backpack all your resources are stored and can be used if in dire need.get accustomed to the lay of the map and also who has the resources occupied in the area.if assistance is needed ask an admin for help if you are really stuck.check your time zones as not all admins will be active and can only help you as best they can.
Events are a great way to boost your might which in term places you on a leaderboard.and for those struggling to find the perfect armor set,please remember that each set does a specific thing such as boost infantry or buildings and others boost resources.

If any assistance is required, my gamer ID is: 371486145

Hoeva hoev
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