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[Off-Topic] Heroes - Boosts - Groups

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Posted on 2021-08-27 17:30:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

I have a question about heroes, boosts and "groups". I searched Google but I did not find an answer, only wild guesses. So I hope to find the answer here.


In the game, when you change your troop formation, you can see 4 "groups" of each troop type (4 x infantry, 4 x cavalry, 4 x ranged and 4 x siege). The same applies to the video after your darknest attack. Also, some of the familiars' skills are like "attack the enemy's biggest group" etc. So I assume, our army does attack in "groups".

During an attack, each hero normally leads one of these "groups" (provided that the hero matches the troop type, like Grove Guardian = Ranged etc)

When our "main" hero with army boost (let's say, Berserker) commands a "group" and the "group" gets defeated (or did not exist because we did not send any infantry), he keeps on providing his army boost to the whole army.


Do the four "non-main" heroes (lets say they have only ranged boosts) provide this ranged boost to only their own ranged "group", or to all ranged troops in the whole army?

If their boost is provided to the whole army:
If their own"group" gets defeated, will they also keep on providing their ranged boost to all the other ranged troops in the army, or is that just a "main hero" thing?