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[Bug] BUG after the T5 update.

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Posted on 2020-02-26 19:13:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Dear members of IGG.
I want to communicate that on the day of February 25, 2020, time, 03:42:57 (GMT-6) I was burned, and when they grouped anybody from my guild they received notifications from the group in order to defend my territory (reinforce me or help me), I do not understand what this was due to, but it was certainly a big problem, and given to the BUG that the game is presenting, the group that made me (rally) was very strong and my troops were easily liquidated . I request some kind of compensation from my lost troops, or help of some kind, because it seems to me very unfair given that the household items sent today, date February 25, 2020, time 09:47:08 (GMT-6) the message of IGG on the BUG was not, did not know about all this situation of the T4 and T5. I await your prompt response, and thank you very much, dear members of IGG.

IGG ID: 568119030