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[News] The New Hero is Here!

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Greetings, Lords and Ladies! Meet our newest Hero: Tarkus, the Vengeful Centaur!

Name: Tarkus
Title: Vengeful Centaur

"You will beg me for death!" - Tarkus

There was once a great warrior by the name of Tarkus, feared by allies and enemies alike. He rode a mighty steed and he was unstoppable in battle until his own men turned against him, driven by greed and cowardice. The last thing Tarkus saw was his beloved mount impaled by spears as knives rose and fall to stab him to death.

But death did not last. When Tarkus opened his eyes again, he beheld an abomination: a twisted, undead mockery of a centaur being restrained and experimented upon by cultists. Tarkus killed the demented fiends responsible for his hideous fate and disappeared into the night.

These are some of the Vengeful Centaur's skills.

Battle Skills  (Enhanced to Legendary Grade)

Research Speed +25%
Army DEF +25%
+30% Cavalry Atk

Hero Skills
Ultimate Skill Death Wind
Disperses a deathly wind to engulf an enemy from long range, dealing damage to all enemies in a line and absorbing incoming Physical DMG for 4s.
Deals %x Physical DMG. Also absorbs incoming Physical DMG by %y.
Skill 2 Spectral Wall
Calls upon spirits of the dead to knockback all enemies in a small area and absorbs incoming Physical DMG for 4s.
Skill 3 Wrath
Hammers the ground in fury, dealing damage to the furthest enemy and inflicting Stun for 3s.
Skill 4 Warmonger
Tarkus fills his allies with an unnatural desire to drink blood.
Increases Life Leech of all allies by %y.

We hope you're as excited about our new Hero as we are!

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